Road ID Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Road ID giveaway!  I loved reading all of your safety tips such as:

  • if you are running on a busy street, don’t play your music too loud so you can’t hear any cars!! (Naomi)
  • Always carry an ID! (Evan)
  • I tend to run at night, so I only run on town roads and wear reflectors and WHITE! (Abby)
  • Definitely wear color and reflective material, it’s so hard to see people dressed all in black! (Lauren)
  • My running safety tip is to always run with a buddy. If you can’t, always run on a well light, well occupied road! Working in the news business, I’ve heard so many stories of women getting abducted while running…don’t become a statistic (Morgan)
  • A safety tip is to wear white and don’t have your radio turned up too loud! (Kathy)
  • This sounds like the most duh tip ever but if running at night dress in light colors… (Joy)
  • Tell someone (ex. husband) when you think you’ll be back! (Allison)
  • i always make sure to wear running clothes with a pocket for my cell phone! (Jessica)
  • An ID with you at all times (Maureen)
  • It’s definitely important to have only one ear bud in while running–make sure your music isn’t so loud you can’t hear the cars!! (Anne)
  • This is more of a biking tip, but WEAR YOUR HELMET. It saved my dad’s life 13 years ago, so I’m a big helmet proponent! (Julie)
  • If you’re running on busy streets or neighborhoods, never assume a car pulling out of a driveway or parking lot will see you so always slow down. (Jenny)
  • I only run in the daytime and when there are a good amount of people around. (Em)
  • My safety tip is to buy clothes with little reflectors built in. I started doing that because sometimes it gets dark a little earlier than I expected, or my run goes a little long, and I am out in the dusk or dark when I didn’t plan to be. Those small reflectors can make a difference as to whether a biker or driver sees you as the sun sets. (Rachel)
  • My best safety tip is just to stay alert–never assume other people see you! (Emily)
  • if possible, drive the route before you run it so you know what to look out for, especially if you plan to run at night. (slowrunner)
  • Dont run in the dark with out reflective clothes/lights! I would love a bracelet id (Bec)
  • The main thing I do is wear reflective clothing if i’m running at dusk or dawn and I always tell someone, usually the bf where I’m going and when I expect to be back. (Kim)
  • my most important safety tip is don’t run with headphones! (marathonmaiden)
  • My biggest safety thing is only running during the day.  Safety is definitely an aspect that I need to work on-and have- but there is always room for improvement. (Libby)

Email me when you get a chance, and I’ll get the gift card to you!  Congrats!


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