Take Me to Bora Bora!

A few weeks ago, I got such a great package from Bora Bora foods

Their motto is “As Pure as the Place.”  Love it. 

As a company, they are committed to healthy living, nourishment and the planet.  They support sustainable farming practices, renewable energy resources and work to minimize company waste.  Their bars have no preservatives, or artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners…all natural!  They are organic and kosher too, and most of their bars are vegan.  Plus, they’re delicious.

I got a few bars to sample, a shirt and my awesome Tiki mug

I actually use this thing to drink pretty much everything now, including water.  Don’t judge me. 

They have antioxidant bars, superfood bars and energy bars.  I got a nice little sampling of them all. 

The tribal cinnamon oatmeal was Solomon’s favorite.  It was packed with flavor, peanuts and raisins and wasn’t too overly cinnamony (I make up words!).  It was a chunky granola bar, but I expected it to be a little softer.  I actually expected that out of all of them, but you know what?  The taste of these was so good, it didn’t really matter a whole lot. 

I also loved the wild pomegranate pecan.  I loved the big pieces of fruit in there, and really felt like I was eating something good for me!

For some reason, none of my pictures came out so great, so definitely check out their website if you want to learn more and see how chock full of goodies these bars are. 

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Big thank you to Bora Bora foods for such a fun, delicious package!

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7 Responses

  1. I’ve seen Bora Bora foods on a few blogs, but never in stores. I love stuff that makes me feel tropical.. That’s why I drink Kona coffee in the morning!

  2. Looks awesome ! I havent tried their stuff yet but I will keep an eye for it! Have an awesome weekend!

  3. wow the bars sound great, and I love the mug!

  4. Bora Bora sounds great! I love companies that strive to support sustainable living.

  5. Talking about Bora Bora is such a tease!!! Ugh I’m sick of winter already!

  6. How cute is that mug??? I can see why its all your drinking out of these days.

  7. Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for telling all your friends about your experience with Bora Bora bars – we’re very proud of the organic ingredients, health benefits and inspiration that created our product of course we’re happy to hear you enjoyed the samples!

    On our website you can purchase our products directly, read our blog about living pure and eating healthy, and even search for bars with your favorite ingredients.

    We’re also running a contest where you can enter to a win a trip for two to Bora Bora or join our community for the latest news about the island and living pure.

    Thanks again for the AWESOME review, we’re really appreciate the support! Until then we’ve subscribed to your blog and plan to stay in touch. Take care.

    Manuia! (Cheers!)
    Bora Bora Organic Foods

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