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What Do You Bring Running & a Giveaway

I’m one of those people that’s always super prepared.  I have everything and then some with me.  That’s why I need such a gigantic purse.  My packing mantra is “I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

That being said, I need a lot of stuff when I go out for a run.  You never know when disaster might strike.  I have pared it down to the bare minimum, but these are my MUST HAVES for running:

My Polar F6
.  Of course I got a pink one.  I love it.  Right now, it does what I want and need, but I have my eyes on one of these babies:

Yes my friends, that would be the Garmin Forerunner 305.  (Hi family, my birthday is just 3 short months away!)

Lip balm.  I am SERIOUSLY addicted.  I don’t go ANYWHERE without at least 1.  Solomon thinks I should stop using lip balm.  I think he’s insane.

This guy.  I need music with me.  I like that it clips to my clothes.

I also like to have ID and/or my phone.  Just in case.  And some money for when I go on longer runs.  In the winter it’s not so bad to have all of this stuff, since my jacket has pockets, but in the summer, I wasn’t sure where it would all go.  Enter iFitness and their neoprene pouches.  These bad boys are water resistant, stretchy, and holds everything I need.  The best part is that I hardly even notice it’s there!  It stays put and you can’t even feel it, plus it doesn’t ride up at all.

There’s even a pocket inside to hold your ID.  I love this thing so much, I even use it on the treadmill.  Yup, I’m that cool girl.

Would you like one? To wrap up “Running Week”, it’s time for a giveaway! iFitness has offered a belt to one of you to keep all of your stuff in place.  Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting me know your must have items when working out.
  2. Visit the iFitness website and let me know which product you think would suit you best.
  3. Post about this contest on your blog and leave a comment below that you did.
  4. Either add me to your blogroll or subscribe and leave me a comment that you did.

I’m going to pick a winner on the 26th.  Good luck, have fun!

Also, if you would like to order something from the iFitness website, enter Morgan10 at check out to save 10%!

Remember to enter the Road ID giveaway!

28 Responses

  1. […] What Do You Bring Running & a Giveaway […]

  2. must have is music and zensah sleeve and tape for my shins!

  3. you’re on my blogroll

  4. I always need my crackberry, of course!

  5. I need to have my iPhone with me. It has all of my information. I took a picture of my ID so it is on my phone at all times as well. I love the Hot Pink Fitness Belt. You are on my blogroll. I put you on my blog as well.

  6. […] 12, 2010 Morgan @ Live, Love, Eat & Play is having an awesome giveaway.  Stop by and check it out.  Who doesn’t need something cool […]

  7. I must have water! I sweat so much… I go through tons of water!

  8. I like the iFitness mini sport belt!

  9. I follow your blog on google reader

  10. The double pouch looks great!

  11. cool giveaway!

    My must have items working out are my ipod, a good sports bra, running shorts and running shoes. nothin else!

  12. […] What Do You Bring Running & a Giveaway […]

  13. The only must have for me is music… I need to get better about an ID and really I ought to learn to drink on longer runs but right now it is all about the music!

  14. […] What Do You Bring Running & a Giveaway […]

  15. I need music, my running shoes and water

  16. […] What Do You Bring Running & a Giveaway […]

  17. i just take my ipod really, oh and an ankle brace, cant go too far without that baby

  18. […] What Do You Bring Running & a Giveaway […]

  19. when working out, i must have my yoga mat!

  20. mini sport belt is pretty snazzy!

  21. My ipod and a big old bottle of ice cold water!

  22. I’d love the mini sport belt. I hate to hold anything when I run, but I should bring id and a phone. This would be perfect. Hope I win!

  23. Essentials – a hat (to kept my hair out of my face), knee braces (to prevent injury to my old knees), ipod (music for outdoors, TV for treadmill)

  24. You’re on my Blogroll

  25. I linked this giveaway to my blog

  26. […] my Shop, I feel be featuring some of my favorite tried and true products, such as my Hand Blender, my heart rate monitor, food processor and my favorite yoga mat!  I will also have products for the dogs in your life […]

  27. Hey very nice blog!!! Man .. Beautiful .. Incredible .. I am going to bookmark your blog, thanks…

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