Day Dreaming


I didn’t want to say anything earlier this week, after the disaster that was last week, but I’m in Boston!

Solomon and I decided to drive out here, leaving Thursday afternoon.  We just drove on through for 10 hours, and made it to Boston in 10 hours.  Then we basically passed right out!  On Sunday, Solomon is flying back to Boston, then I am going to drive (with Rufio!) to New Jersey and spend the week with my parents, go visit my brother and hopefully see some friends!

It’s weird being here, and having nooooooo schedule, but I love it!  While I’m waiting for Solomon and my mother in law to get ready to go out, I’ve been playing around online a ton.  I can’t play with Rufio right now because my nephew Charlie is napping, so we put Rufio up in our room to keep him quiet.

Jamie sent me a link with a ton of great websites to look at.  As we are getting older, and moving out of our “post college” days, I am starting to think a lot more about home decore.  We have an amazing breakfast bar, that I would love to put some bar stools at, so we can sit and have a nice breakfast in the mornings.  I’m fairly no frills when it comes to furniture.  I like simple lines, and nice woods.  Something like this:

All of the websites from this company are terribly addicting, and lead me to home decor dreaming. 

These websites are bad news bears for me.

I’m also having fun drooling over pot racks, which of dreaming of having in my perfect kitchen one day.

And gigantic wine refrigerators.

There’s just something about being in my in laws house that makes me start thinking about building a home, and how I’d love to furnish it.  A little day dreaming never hurt anyone, right?

Check out all of the amazing websites from CSN and daydream away!

What is something you dream of having?  What would your dream home be like?

Meanwhile, don’t forget about my iFitness and Road ID giveaways!

Also, check out Kristen’s first giveaway!

I’m off to do some realistic, budget conscious shopping.  No $1000+ home decor for me today 😦


6 Responses

  1. we have a pot rack in our kitchen and i lovesss it! we got it at ikea. not that hard to put up, but it involves punching some serious holes in the ceiling, so not something to do if you’re renting.

    pot rack, before having it, had always been high on my want list.

  2. I’m obessed with home design! I can looks at decorating magazines for hours!!

  3. love the spontaneity 🙂 — have fun!


  4. I would love to have an in-home gym!

  5. I would love to have a kitchen stocked with every appliance I could possibly ever find a use for! Enjoy Boston!

  6. my kitchen chairs are in one of those pictures! the black chairs with sand colored cushions. we love them!

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