More Than Running

First, of all, thank you to those of you that signed the Save Brandeis Swimming petition!

I wanted to share this with you first.  Look how cute he is waking up from a nap!

Oh, and my brother asked me to tell you that he won a Hotkeys Electronic Keyboard in the same triathlon I won my Garfield phone in.  I think it was a consolation prize.  This was the same year he threw a pierogi into my eye.

I’m learning that there’s a lot more to training for a race than just running!

In addition to running regularly, it’s important to make sure you get adequate rest. This will help with your recovery, and help to limit your risk of injury.

It’s also important to cross-train. There are several reasons why this is important:

  • It helps to balance your muscle groups.
  • It will help you maintain or improve your cardiovascular fitness.
  • It will reduce risk of injury.
  • It will keep running more exciting, since you won’t get bored from running all the time.
  • Existing injuries will have time to heal.

What’s best about cross training is that it’s up to you what you want to do!  Do yoga, go swimming, take a brisk walk, rollerblade, go skiing…the options are endless!

On my cross training days, I may choose to do a slow, easy run.  I also plan to focus on swimming, yoga and walking (with Rufio!).  When I am in New Jersey, I also plan to rock climb with my dad.


I’m choosing these activities because I love them, and know I won’t get bored of them!

Runners should also remember to strength train. Strength training will make you a more efficient runner, and reduce your risk for injury.  Because muscle uses oxygen when at rest, you’ll burn more calories when at rest.  Not bad, huh?  Developing strength through weight lifting can also help make you faster.

Since I’m not the biggest fan of the gym available to me, I lift weights at home.  Solomon and I have a pretty sweet home gym.  We have a pull up bar, stability ball, resistance bands, yoga blocks and mats and weights (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 lbs.).  I tend to mix up my lifting so I don’t get bored.  I always preplan my routine and lift away!  I aim to lift twice a week, and did before running!

Finally, runners must stretch! I always stretch after I run.  My body is just used to this.  Stretching is another thing that will help reduce injury and pain.  It will help increase your range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and increase coordination, energy and blood flow!  I like to stretch for 10 to 15 minutes after I run.  I hold various poses for about 20 seconds.  Because I stretch regularly, I have been able to maintain my flexibility that I usually lose from running too much!

Even if you don’t run, all of the above are important for a healthy, well rounded lifestyle!

What else do you do to remain injury free and/or better your running?

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9 Responses

  1. I took a crab apple in the eye once. Gotta love brothers! And I never really cross trained until I broke my foot. Oops. Now I know better!

  2. Great post. My parents’ puppy is adorable waking up from a nap too… all her fur on her face gets smushed to one side. 🙂

  3. You are spot on. You must do other activities to prevent injuries!

  4. So how’s it going with the petition? I don’t know remember if I have ever said hello but I’ve been lurking since before you asked us to sign the petition. I was #12 🙂

  5. thanks for the info about cross training!! i was just talking about this with my freind yesterday. such a cute pic of your pup 🙂


  6. you should tell the story of the square record one day

  7. If I don’t cross train I end up injured! As much as I would like to run every day my body just can’t handle it! In addition to running I love riding my bike, I have a fairly decent relationship with the old elliptical trainer, and I try to get in strength training as much as I can!

  8. Thanks for the info!! I am really good about all the tips..just have to add in the running. haha.

    I will do spin, sculpt, yoga, and body pump classes on a regular basis. I think it is good to mix it up too cause I often get bored…and it’s also good for your body.

  9. […] still feel really positive and hopeful about this race.  Strength training, cross training, stretching, and proper rest have all proven so helpful for our training and recovery.  We are drinking a lot of water, eating […]

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