I Used to Hate Running

I did.  A lot.  HATED IT.

I was always an athletic little kid.  I was swimming at 3 years old, and not just doggy paddling.  I loved to be in the water and would stay in until I was blue and pruny.  This love of the water led to me joining a summer swim team at 4, then swimming year round when I turned 7.

Somehow, around the time I started swimming full time, my dad convinced me to run with him.  I even remember my first pair of running shoes.  We went to the running store and I ended up with a blue pair of New Balances.  They were so pretty!  Kind of like this guy:

But kid sized!

I was also a bad ass little kid.  In addition to swimming and running, I competed in kid’s duathlons and triathlons, and ran quite a few races, including a weekly summer 5K series.  I was actually pretty good.  I once came in 5th overall in a triathlon and 1st out of all the girls.  I won a Garfield phone and a gift certificate.  Too bad it wasn’t a duck phone!

As I got older and more busy I would run less often.  I just stopped enjoying it.  I would run with my dad, but when I went out on my own, I often walked.  Once I hit high school I stopped swimming for a team.  I was so overextended with clubs, work and a million volunteer opportunities that I rarely worked out.  I taught swim lessons so I was getting into a pool and getting activity, but I only worked out about once a week.  Strangely, I never really struggled with my body and self image until college for some reason.

Anyway, I got to college and did the best thing ever…joined the swim team! (By the way, PLEASE do me a favor and click here to sign a petition to save the Brandeis Swim Team.  It would mean a lot to me!)

So we would run often for swim practice, and I came up with every excuse in the book to not run.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • My neck is too sweaty.  I can’t run.
  • My body is going to reject this.
  • Getting lost (really lost!) on the way to our swim team bonding camping trip and figuring since we would be late we wouldn’t have to run 4 miles b/c they wouldn’t wait for us and getting Dairy Queen.  We thought it was a good excuse, we had to run anyway.
  • Running to my apartment or a friend’s apartment during team runs and watching Oprah and doing vodka shots.
  • Running is bad for you.

I always had a million reasons not to run during the season.

However, when we were off season I would run on a regular basis, with two of my best girls.  I also used the off season to learn to rock climb, which I love!


By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love, Dr. Rachel!  I miss you girl!

I ran during the off season because I felt like I HAD TO and I hated every step of it.  When I was home for summers I ran with my dad.  I did this to stay in swimming shape, and because now I had body image issues.

Once swimming was over, I ran a ton, because I was scared of gaining weight.  Turns out I lost weight, because I realized I couldn’t eat like a swimmer anymore (just kidding, I never ate that much!).

Since then, I’ve gone through a lot of stages with running.  Mostly I would run everyday for 2 weeks, then be done with it.

This past October my 2 weeks went for a lot longer.  Suddenly, I was enjoying running and looking forward to it.  Once I got my cold weather gear, I felt even more committed.  I’m not sure what happened this time to finally make it click, but suddenly I enjoy running.  I’m certainly not a good runner, or fast at all, but my body stopped rejecting it.

I love what it’s doing for me.  I love the energy I get.  I love how tight my abs feel all of a sudden.  I love the new shape in my legs, and the fact that my clothes are slowly starting to get big again.  I love that running makes me want to eat better, and I’m sleeping so much better.

I never thought I’d say I love it.  EVER.  I hope this time my love of running sticks!


How did you start to love running?  If you don’t run, why don’t you love it?

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20 Responses

  1. This gives me hope that MAYBE some day I will enjoy running.

  2. I am one of those weirdos that has always loved running, even when it was hard. And really, I think I loved it BECAUSE it was hard! I started running for the sake of running in junior high and I haven’t stopped. Running is my stress release, my “me” time, and it’s when I get my best thinking done!

  3. I never hated running.. but I didn’t start to really love it until my big bro got really sick in 2006. I ran to deal with my emotions… and now I LOVE IT. It’s been agreat friend…if running can be a friend 😉

  4. I used to hate it, but that was mostly because I thought I “couldn’t” run. After working up from running a half mile I’ve now run a half-marathon and love the challenge. I’m still slow but it feels great anyway 🙂

  5. I signed the petition for you! And I still hate running. Always have. I am just much more into kickboxing, spinning, and lifting. Maybe I just like to be motivated by being surrounded by others when working out. I’m not sure. I just don’t like to run.

  6. I started for the 2008 olympics and got hooked! It’s such great exercise and so freeing

  7. i don’t run because i’m allergic to the outdoors, and running makes it worse! (and running inside i just get bored. i have serious ADD issues at the gym)
    i love the idea of running, but any time i try i’m home in 10 minutes popping a claratin. if i’m going to be forcing my allergies to act up, i’d rather do yard work.

  8. I used to hate running as well and never thought I would be a “runner.” I was inspired by my little sister. I was so happy when I could run a minute straight without stopping lol. Now I am addicted and am training for a half-marathon. Yay for running!

  9. 1.) How did you fail to mention that I won a Hotkeys Electronic Keyboard at that very same triathlon???
    2.) Read the book born to run

  10. I think I liked accomplishing a set goal. Run for 1 mile – okay I completed it, let’s see if I can run for 2 next time.

  11. My dad introduced me to running at age 12 and I have loved it ever since…….I haven’t always ran over the 20+ years since but I do now and plan to for the rest of my life! =)

  12. ohh I think your love of running will def stick, girl! you sound so happy and clearly passionate about it!

    yay brandeis, about 19 minutes from where I live. My brother had his bar mitzvah in one of their halls! great school!

    I love running too! I cant wait for summer in boston so i can run outside!!

  13. Reading your post inspired me to want to run again…it’s been a while.
    I have always wanted to do a half marathon but I doubt myself before I even get started.
    I think I will try to get back with it. Thanks!

  14. great story! i always liked running but ive def used some of those excuses before!

  15. definitely just signed that petition. ive been swimming for years and its such a huge part of my life so much so that im pursuing a career in aquatics! good luck saving the team 🙂

  16. Hi!! thanks for commenting on my blog! sooo excited to find other swimmers! I swam at University of Washington for 4-years, and last May (after my senior year was over) they cut the men’s and women’s swim team due to budget cuts…so i know how you feel with the team petition! 😦 I always loved running, I use to pretend I was running away from the pool…I always thought swimming hurt SO MUCH MORE than running! LOVED this post, because i can totally relate to the being afraid of gaining weight after swim…I lost weight too, mainly a lot of muscle! No one believes me when I tell them I spent the last 16-years of my life swimming because I have a small upperbody and am built like a runner now. I hope you have a great week girlie! I can’t wait to read more of your blog…i’m adding you to my blogroll! 🙂

  17. hey im a runner!
    you should check out my blog.


  18. I used to hate running also! But, then I realized that if I don’t go running, I don’t get any alone time to sort out my thoughts and I feel like i’ll go a crazy. Before I relied on running as a release, I would sign up for 5k’s and 1/2 marathons to force myself to keep a pattern, and it worked!


  19. […] chances pay off.  I used to hate running but now I love it.  I missed it while I was pregnant and am so happy to be running […]

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