Some A for Your Q

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Is it bad that there isn’t just one?  I love red wine (good red wine) and have been known to over indulge, totally negating the good benefits of it!  I love the taste, smell and everything about it.

Another guilty pleasure is chips and salsa.  I could eat those forever.

And pedicures.  They make me feel amazing!

Rufio is so cute!  Did you adopt him?  What kind of dog is he?

Thank you, I think he’s so cute too!

Unfortunately, we did not adopt him.  When Solomon and I decided to get a dog, we searched for months, but were limited to a few breeds.  I have allergies to dog fur, so we could only get a dog that had hair.  My allergies are mild enough I could have managed them with medicine, but we were worried when we had a child they might have severe allergies (like my mom), and didn’t want to have to worry about getting rid of our dog!

Rufio is a miniature schnauzer, and we chose that breed because when I was born my parents had 2 of them, and we also had another one when I was older.  I think they are an amazing breed-smart, loyal, feisty (so feisty), fun, and great family dogs!

We got him from a fantastic breeder in western MA, and will go back to her when we decided to get him a sister.  He was so small when we got him!

How did you and Solomon meet?

Buckle up, this is a long one!

Solomon and I always kind of knew each other, but that’s mostly because Brandeis is a fairly small school.  We never did any clubs together, or took any classes with one another (even though we were both Sociology majors!). 

When it came time to pick housing senior year, I was studying abroad in Australia, so I had my freshman year roommate as my proxy.  We all lived in a townhouse type place on campus, I was with some random girls, and Becca (roomie) and some of my friends ended up with Solomon and some other guys.  Becca and Solomon have known each other forever, because Becca’s mom and Solomon’s aunt are childhood best friends.  In fact, Becca and Dan (Solomon’s cousin) were born on the same day in the same hospital room!  It’s actually really cool because I get to see Becca a lot at holidays and other events like weddings and parties!  She and Dan were in our wedding party and walked down the aisle together.

I can’t find my wedding pics, but here’s a pic of me and Becca at Dan’s wedding (my hair seems quite big!)

And Solomon and Dan at our wedding.  These two are trouble together!

Anyway, so Becca lived with Solomon and I was over at their place constantly.  I would just let myself in, watch TV, eat, do work even if no one was around!  One night in October Becca got it in her head that Solomon and I should get together, and kept encouraging it.  We started to casually see one another, and “broke up” for a bit shortly after. 

We eventually started seeing one another again after winter break, but kept it very casual because we were second semester seniors!  After our first spring break, when we came back to campus and realized how much we had missed one another, we realized this was a lot more than a casual little thing so decided to be a couple.  7 years later, here we are!

So, what else do you want to know?  The question box is open!

Sorry, I just had to!  It seems like I have this thing for Se7en!


7 Responses

  1. when did you graduate brandies? my cousin went there and is now like 27 years old. such a cute story 🙂 and rufio really is adorable!!


  2. you were a soc major? so was i!

  3. Rufio is TOO cute!

  4. RU-BEAR!

  5. I have the same guilty pleasures although I prefer white wine.

  6. Your dog is adorable!! Nice to hear how you and your love met too!! I love hearing love stories, never get old!!

    Oh girl you are not sounding snobby at all, I LOVE Uggs too, and Louis and Gucci!! We know what we like, nothing wrong with that!!

    God to hear from you!!! xoxo

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