Snowpocalypse 2010

Well, well, well.  Remember how I was supposed to be in Boston this weekend?  Sometimes Mother Nature has other plans!

Get ready, this is a long story.  Solomon and I have decided that it’s just funny at this point.  It’s really just unreal.

So originally we were supposed to leave Pittsburgh at 4 on a direct flight to Boston.  Solomon was working a college fair in Pittsburgh, so I was going to pick him up, and head to the airport. 

Solomon called me at about 8 that morning and asked if I could get to Pittsburgh (about an hour and a half away) ASAP.  So I ran around like a crazy person, got showered and threw my bags in the car, and packed up Rufio to take him to puppy camp.  Solomon had arranged for us to take a 1:30 flight to D.C., then on to Boston.  Well, on my way down, I found out from Becca, who lives and works in D.C. that the whole city was shutting down at 1.  Great, right?

So we finally get to the airport and find out there is a 12:45 flight to Boston so we try to get on stand by.  Fail.  Also, it started snowing at this point.  Heavily.  The snow wasn’t supposed to start until 4 or 5. 

Then we find out our flight to D.C. was cancelled.  Another fail.

We start getting nervous about our original 4 p.m. flight to Boston that they put us back on.  We found out there was a 1:45 to Hartford, CT, so we thought we would take that and then rent a car and drive to Boston.  We would have been able to get on the flight, and kept waiting, but it never boarded due to mechanical problems. 

You can’t tell in these pictures, but the flakes were HUGE.  Big clumps of snow were falling, I had never seen anything like it.

This was also around when I got REALLY loopy.  I began to laugh hysterically about the fact that belly buttons are pointless when we are grown up, and the fact that everyone has one.  It just seemed amazing.  I even called my mom to ask her where dog’s belly buttons are because I couldn’t imagine Rufio having one.  No joke, I laughed about this for about an hour and couldn’t stop.  I laughed so hard I made my teeth chatter.  I almost started running in circles.  Probably should not have had an afternoon coffee!

I also took a ridiculous amount of self portraits.  Oh, and on Friday I did go red!

By now, our 4 p.m. Boston flight had moved gates and was delayed until 5:02, then 5:45.  At 5:30 the Hartford flight was cancelled.  At 6, our flight was cancelled due to a mechanical problem that the pilot knew about and never reported. 

We had managed to make friends with the woman working the desk, and kept talking to her and hanging out with her most of the day.  She was soooo nice, and managed to book us on a 7:30 flight to Charlotte, then onto Boston.  She even put us in first class!  We made it on the plane, then had to wait while the plane was de-iced and then anti-ice was put on.  At about 9 we went back to the gate, because the de-icing and anti-icing weren’t working properly.  At around 9:45 we were told that the plane would not be taking off!

We went back inside and were lucky enough to find our friend again.  Because our original (the 4:00 to Boston) was cancelled due to a mechanical failure, we would be put up in a hotel.  So we went back to the parking lot, dug the car out, and drove 4 miles in 45 minutes to the hotel. 

Once we got to the hotel (around 10:40), we found out their system was down, and they can’t check us in!  I had never before in my life been so thankful to see a hotel bar and a decent red wine selection.  No joke. 

We finally get checked in, and into our awesome room, and the T.V. doesn’t work, but whatever at this point.

So I wake up at 9:30 (gah, I needed the sleep) and notice it’s strangely dark.  Solomon said he woke around 7:30 (then went back to sleep) and right after he woke up, the power went out!  Thankfully, we had arranged for a late checkout (in case a flight became available in the morning), and went down to breakfast.  We figured since we were limited to what we could do, we might as well work out.  Well, neither of us had showered since Friday morning and had been travelling, so we wanted to shower after working out.  Turns out, there was no hot water!  Batting 1000, huh?

We forget working out and go back to our room, since we didn’t want to leave because it is STILL snowing.  At least I finished my book!

Around 1:30 we finally left, and were plowed in.  Thankfully the plow guy was in the lot, and helped plow us out.  Our car was clean the night before.

DSC04462 DSC04461
Oh, I also think I ruined my Uggs in this whole disaster.

We finally get on the road, take all of these random back roads our GPS told us to take, and get to the exit for the highway.  Guess what?  Something was wrong!  There was a truck stuck on the exit, and we couldn’t get through!

We turn around and figure we’ll get on 79 South, and turn around at the next exit to go north.  It took us over 10 miles to find another exit!  We finally get to the exit ramp to get on 79 North and there is a 10 car back up.  Solomon gets out of the car, so a few others do and push a car that was stuck at the ramp onto the road.  Amazing how they all just sat there doing nothing.  Anyway, we finally got on the road and back to M’Ville.  Just look at this snow:

DSC04469 DSC04464 DSC04466 
The view looking out of our sunroof was crazy too!

Now we are safe and sound.  I just wish we could get Rufio from puppy camp, but we’ll get him in the morning.  It’s just such a bummer!  We were so excited to be in Boston and see everyone.  You just have to laugh after awhile. 

I hope everyone who got slammed with snow, and my Pittsburgh girls are safe and sound in that major snow storm!  Anyone else in Pittsburgh?

I hope that if you got pounded with snow, you are safe and warm and enjoying yummy food, fun movies and good company.  That’s my plan for the rest of the weekend!

Any travel disasters to share?


15 Responses

  1. at least you guys are safe. i think i would have been loopy too had i been in your position.

  2. “Loopy” does not even begin to describe how Morgan was acting. All we can say is that at least these problems happened on the ground and not 30,000 feet in the air. Sometimes, things happen for a reason and thank G-d we made it home safely!!!

  3. I think that day would have made me loopy too!

    My parents are stuck in the snow in DC. It’s just cold and yuck here in GA, but no snow.

  4. wow, that’s an adventure!
    my family once had our car break down on our way to the seattle airport (3ish hours from home). we ended up putting the car in some random autobody shop and then stuffing 6 people plus our luggage into a cab to get to seattle.
    but at least our flight took off!

  5. this is a horrendous tale. i could not believe how it kept getting worse and worse. i’m glad you guys are ok 🙂 J and i spent the afternoon digging our cars out. it was intense…..but nothing compared to this.

  6. hi morgan~i just found your blog thru meals and moves!!! i was dying laughing with the nap pics! nothing like a good old fashion nappy nap to get ya thru the day!
    ~we are in cleveland and woke up to about 2 feet (not kidding) in the drive. took the hubby about 3 hrs to shovel us out…..(we only own one snow shovel~darn it!) anyway, look forward to reading more about you!
    ~terri xoxo

  7. Ahhh I wish you coulda made it to Boston. What a DISASTER for sure!! I actually luckily just got in to the city today for the weekend. It’s FREEZING here, so maybe it’s good you didn’t come after all? 🙂 Hey, safe is always better than sorry.

  8. That is awful! At least you guys made it safe….I still can’t believe all that snow!

  9. haha. Too funny! A glass of wine always makes me feel better, stranded or not. hehe! Glad you posted on Janetha’s blog so I could find you.


  10. That snow is so crazy!! I can’t even begin to imagine… Stay safe and warm!!

  11. omg that sounds terrible! could anything else have gone wrong?!

  12. Wow. Yeah, my brother just sent me a pic of their backyard – intense snow. The last time I was at the Pitt airport killing time I ended up doing lunges… try that next time… no one will look at you funny I promise! Especially not if it’s almost midnight and you’re outside waiting for the bus.
    Glad you made it safely home even though it wasn’t the trip you hoped for.

  13. Oh girly, that SUCKS! There is nothing that drives me more bananas than travel disasters! I’m glad you made it home in one piece!

  14. ahh sorry about all the travelling troubles- so obnoxiouss!!


  15. Uggs in snow do not mix!!

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