Water, Water Everywhere

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion how I can possibly drink as much water as I do.  The truth is, I have no idea how much I drink, I just know I’m constantly chugging it throughout the day.

Some people say they hate the taste of water, which I just don’t get!  It’s fairly tasteless (some waters have mineral flavors depending where you are), and totally satisfying!  How can you not like it?

I was pretty much always a water drinker.  When I was younger we would have soda, but I’m fairly certain I always wanted water.  When I was about 8, my mother developed an allergy to aspartame and stopped buying soda and diet soda all together (except for my dad’s ginger ale.  He used to drink a ton of it and he was and still is one of the most fit men I know.  Anyway…).  Instead of soda, she started buying these gigantic water containers to go in the fridge.  They were like 5 gallons big.  I found myself constantly grabbing a glass of water, because it was cold and really refreshing.  This was eventually replaced with a water cooler, and then a new fridge with a built in water filter.

Anyhoo, I started bringing a water bottle to school on a regular basis.  Most kids would only really drink during lunch time, but I would sip away at my water all day.  From about 4th grade on, I never went to a day of school (including college and law school) without a bottle of water with me.  I was even the girl who insisted on having a Brita filter in her college dorm room!

I pretty much don’t drink much else.  I have a cup of black coffee every morning, and sometimes tea throughout the day, plus the occasional adult beverage.  I never drink soda anymore, and really the only time I have juice is OJ when I am sick.  I just don’t think to drink anything else.  Plus, I don’t count smoothies as drinking.  So water it is!

What’s so great about water you ask?  Here are just some things (taken from all over the world wide web!)

  • Water keeps your skin hydrated, helping it to maintain a healthy texture and color.
  • Water eliminates body wastes and toxins naturally.  No need to “cleanse!”
  • Water helps maintain your body’s pH balance, making you less prone to sickness and disease.
  • Water helps reduce water retention when you are bloated
  • Water is filling, and helps break down proteins and carbohydrates, helping with weight loss. Water helps reduce your hunger by filling your belly.

So, are you drinking enough water?

Here are some of MY personal tips to drink more water:

-Drink a glass as soon as you wake up.  I keep a BPA-free Camelbak on my bedside table at all times.  Many times I wake up and the whole thing is empty!  This bottle was full when I went to bed!  Some people sleepwalk, I sleepdrink!

-Make your water bottle fun!  Buy one to support your favorite team or school, add some stickers, make it yours.  I had one in college (pre-BPA madness) that a friend decorated for me with cute stickers and sayings, I loved carrying it!  Now I have an aluminum one with a bead my mom made and my initial on top!

DSC04443 DSC04442
-Add some sliced fruit, lime juice, lemon juice or mint leaves to it.  This will give it a subtle flavor.

-Always keep a purse size bottle with you.  Now, maybe I have a gigantic purse (I do!), but I almost always throw my bottle in it.  Especially when shopping, I get so thirsty!  I lug this bottle everywhere-all over my house, meetings, work, the gym and constantly refill it, even if it isn’t empty.  I never feel thirsty, because I am constantly sipping away!

-When at a restaurant or bar, always ask for a glass of water (even if you are getting another drink).  Sip it between alcoholic beverages and throughout the night.

-If you feel hungry, have a glass of water.  Many times we mistake dehydration for hunger.

-Create a reward system to ensure you are getting enough water.  I did this for a friend, who now drinks water on a regular basis.  Maybe if you drink 8 glasses a day for a week, you earn a prize (I say go for a massage or pedicure, you deserve it!)

Do you drink enough water?  What are some of your tips and tricks for getting enough H20?

P.S.  I’m going to start answering questions tomorrow, so ask away!


15 Responses

  1. I love your houndstooth water bottle!!! I drink hot water in the winter to keep my warm and hydrated. The thought of cold water is unappealing when it’s below freezing out!

  2. I LOVE plain seltzer water. I drink it all the time instead of plain water even though it is basically the same 😉

  3. Great post! I LOVE water! Like you, it’s really all I drink and I don’t understand how people can not like it? I try to always have a water bottle with me and drink continuously throughout the day, my only problem is I find that when I do this I have to go to the bathroom like every 45 minutes, which sometimes really isn’t feasible (long car drive, class, etc.).
    I used to drink Sprite occasionally but decided to give it up a while back to see if I could do it. I succeeded and then tried drinking it again and it made me sick! It fills me up so much I feel gross! Water all the way.

  4. I carry a camelback with me to work, etc. Once I started doing this, I definitely saw my water intake increase.

  5. holy smokes you drink a lot of water 🙂

    i try but sometimes I just forget. I keep my water bottle at my desk at work but when I get home I barely ever have a sip of water. But lately ive been trying to have a full glass with each meal.

  6. My trick is to leave a bottle in any vehicle I drive and one where I am the most in my house. Doing this I’m drinking min. I’ve started this year out not drinking anything else! Used to be all pop 😦

  7. I feel the same way about water. I keep a camelbak bottle with me all the time. It says “Hydrate or Die” and I love it. I love the little “finger” loophole. I have a big purse, but I don’t put my water bottle in it. I hang it from my finger as I’m walking around. I take it everywhere. My husband thinks I’m silly. Oh well. I’m silly hydrated. 🙂

  8. I do drink lots of water, but my trouble is that I go to the bathroom like every five minutes. I have been to a doctor so no worries, just a small bladder, but if I drink soda or something it becomes so much worse than just water. I always have a bottle wherever I am.

  9. I do pretty good with my water intake. I am like you, I always bring water with me wherever I go and always keep a glass by my bed.
    The only thing about drinking in the middle of the night, is having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. haha.

  10. I definitely don’t drink enough water. I hate plain water. The only way I can get enough in is by just closing my eyes and chugging it or drinking crystal light.

  11. I just got my fabulous SERIOUSLY fabulous gloves!! I’m so in love with them…they are SO beautiful!!! THANK YOU to mama J!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  13. […] stretching, and proper rest have all proven so helpful for our training and recovery.  We are drinking a lot of water, eating pretty well, getting lots of sleep, and taking really good care of ourselves.  Another […]

  14. […] I always, always, always have drank a ton of water.  I carried a Nalgene with me EVERYWHERE.  I think everyone knows the benefits of water, so I’m […]

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