Homemade ‘Nola

‘Nola.  Love it.  Love regular old ‘nola and ‘nola bars too. 

What precisely is ‘nola you ask?  When my nephew Alex was first talking and making sentences, when he wanted a granola bar, he would ask for a ‘nola bar.  It stuck.  Now Solomon and I call granola ‘nola. 

I’ve tried to make ‘nola in the past.  It was a big fail.  I tried a crockpot recipe and neither Solomon nor I liked it.  It just wasn’t good.  Looking back it was actually a weird combination of stuff, I should have known better!

Well, this time I decided to trust my instincts.  I’ve seen enough granola recipes to know the basics of how to make it work, so I dug through my cabinets and gave it a shot.  I barely measured anything, because I feel like granola is so far from a precise science.  I did the “eyeball it” method, and I’ll share my estimates!

First, I sprayed a casserole dish with some non-stick spray.  Just to be on the safe side. 

Then came the base.  Here’s the cast of characters:

  • 3 cups of old fashioned oats
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut
  • 1/4 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1/4 cup wheat germ

Then I added some nuts in for flavor and crunch.

  • 1/2 cup unsalted sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • about 2 tbsp. ground cinnamon

I gave this all a stir to mix it up, and poured in around a cup of Xagave to help bind it all together.   Another stir, then into a 400 degree oven for 35 minutes.  Three times while it was cooking I gave the granola a stir to mix it up.  Once it was out of the oven I added some more flavor:

  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/2 cup dried date pieces

Solomon and I both agreed it needed a little more flavor, so I put in more cinnamon and some nutmeg, and gave it another mix. 

This recipe is a keeper, it was good!  We’ve both had it with our oatmela in the morning lately.  The only problem is that it is a little flaky, and not enough clumps, know what I mean?  What can I do to make my granola clumpier?

We had received some whole wheat pancake mix for a holiday gift in a beautiful glass jar.  I was told to put the (AMAZING!) pancake mix in the freezer, so I thought the pretty jar was the perfect place to put my pretty granola!  Score!

What’s your favorite kind of granola?  Do you ever make it from scratch? 

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17 Responses

  1. Morgan that looks delicious! I also really love the container you put it in at the end! I have never made my own, can you believe it?! I think it has to happen soon. 😉

  2. Yummy! I’m looking for a delicious, basic granola recipe and this fits the bill! I’m definitely going to try it!! **stars in google reader**

  3. I’ve been meaning to make my own granola forever, but it hasn’t happened yet! As for the clumps… maybe it would help to increase the amount of flaxseed or agave?

    ❤ ❤

  4. I make my own all the time. You can get creative and put peanut butter, nutella, etc depending on what you are going for. Sticky substances like that help with the clumps though I have to say as long as I have been making it (over a year now) I don’t get mine as clumpy as store-bought. I am assuming that is the corn syrup and other not-so-healthy things they put in there. Sunflower seeds can be a nice addition.

  5. i’ve been told more oil and more sugar make it clump more… but that’d also make it not so good for you. so i love my non clumpy granola how it is.

  6. For clumping, you can add oil and/or liquids (water, juice) to help it stick together. It will take longer to bake, though.

  7. Looks delish! I’ve never made my own, but I LOVE Bear Naked fruit and nut granola. I think most recipes use oil to stick it together.

  8. That looks so good! I’ve never made my own but think I will have to try….

  9. I have never made it from scratch, but I am impressed with how easy you made it look. I love choc chips in mine and dried cranberries.

  10. I love granola. Its one of my weaknesses. I cant have it in the house cause i end up just munchin on it! I love Galaxy Granola though. I think you can only buy it here on the west coast so far (either than online) but they have an awesome vanilla flavor. Your home made granola looks so tasty though! Its so colorful! Healthy ingredients too which is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome granola recipe!! I gotta try making this soon.

  11. Yeah I should totally give myself a dose of homemade granola . . . I’m so stinky at making things myself though . . .

  12. I have yet to make granola without burning it! Yours looks great!

  13. I’ve never tried to make granola. Perhaps that should be a new weekend project.

  14. What a timely post — I am planning to make granola this weekend for the first time! I’ll have to let you know if anything turns out well. I think I’ll try 2 different recipes I’ve found! Yours looks great, sorry it’s not clumpier!

  15. That looks great! I love homemade granola. It tastes much better!

  16. I just started making my own granola again in December. I love how easy it is and how much control I have over what goes into it – i.e. I no longer have to wish they put less raisins in the mix. My basic mix always includes oats, flax meal, shredded coconut (even my husband who doesn’t like coconut says this adds to the mix), a mix of agave and maple syrup, a bit of oil, cinnamon, and ginger. I usually go light on the mix-ins – just some dried cherries. My favorite part of making granola is that it takes all of 5 minutes to mix together and then since you cook it on a low temp for so long it makes your house smell AWESOME!
    I’m also a fan of the glass jar look – it’s so great to see something you made in such a pretty jar each morning – sense of accomplishment. I very much believe that homemade tastes better because you put some of yourself into it, so when you eat it, you’re remembering that you made it 🙂

  17. […] PB ‘Nola Posted on February 15, 2010 by Morgan I made granola at home for the first time a few weeks ago (and explained why I call it ‘nola) and I think it changed my […]

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