Aurorae Yoga Mat Giveaway!

First of all, thank you for all of your great suggestions to help me update my blogroll. I love having a lot to read, and I’m not so great at keeping it up to date.  So thanks for all of the fun new blogs!  If you can think of any other blogs I should be reading, send them my way!

I had such a great weekend!  Friday was a friend’s birthday and we had a Weekend at Bernie’s themed party Friday night.  Saturday we had an ugly holiday sweater party.  Neither of us had anything, but we had fun coming up with ideas.  Solomon was representing Chanukah all the way (and reminded me of Flava Flav) and I found a Frosty the Snowman night shirt.  Plus jingle bell earrings, of course.  We had such a fun weekend, thanks M’Ville!


Sunday was a day to relax and just veg out!  I got in a nice run in the morning in all of the slush, and the Pats played the Bills.  I ate too.  A lot.  It was awesome.  I also got in some stretching and ab work on my brand new yoga mat!

Dennis at Aurorae Yoga Mats offered to send me a mat to try out.  These mats are different from others I have tried and seen, so I was really excited to give it a try.  Aurorae mats are ultra thick (1/4”), and extra long (6 feet) plus they have an icon which serves as a focal point for your practice.

I loved how thick this was, and how soft the material felt on my hands, feet and knees.  I also loved how it molded to my feet and hands as I practiced.  The mat is nice and sticky, so it rolls up and stays rolled.  Plus, it is really easy to take care of.  My only problem is a slipped I little bit, but I always slip when I do yoga, so I guess it’s to be expected.

Another great feature is that the mat comes in different colors, which help you to define your inner self.



I received a Solar mat, which I think is quite fitting for me.

DSC03520 DSC03514 DSC03517 Look how long it is!

DSC03523 Yup, Rufio practiced his yoga too (his doga?)

DSC03522 Want to try it out for yourself?

Aurorae offered to give one reader their choice of any color mat!  Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling me which color mat most fits your personality and why.
  2. Leave a comment about what your favorite yoga pose is and why!
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@liveloveeatplay) and Aurorae (@AuroraeYoga) and tweet about this contest, making sure you mention us both.  Leave a comment that you have done so!
  4. Link back to this contest on your blog and leave me a comment that you did.
  5. Become a fan of Aurorae on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you did.

You have until the 28th to enter!  Good luck!

Don’t forget about my Wusthof knife and shears giveaway either!


72 Responses

  1. I think orange fits my personality best – at least I hope so! I am definitely energetic (!!) and compassionate. Great giveaway!

    • I think the solar works for me-my husband and I just bought a new house to be closer to our families, and I am certainly creative-and trying to live up to the rest of the characteristics!

    • I love the plank-simple, but such a good workout!

  2. Fan of Aurorae on FB!

  3. Following Aurorae (was already following you!) and I tweeted! @PreventionRD!

  4. Infinity fits my personality the best.

  5. Favorite yoga pose is twisting half-moon. I love it because it challenges/tests my balance, coordination, and strength.

  6. I think the Ocean matches my personality the best, but I really like the seamist.

  7. Purple! I just love it. 🙂

  8. I like the light blue because it is a calming color. When I do yoga I like to be totally relaxed!

  9. downward dog…great stretch

  10. following you on twitter

  11. I love the color purple, but the black mat description sounds more like my personality.

  12. I wish I had a fave yoga pose so I will take this time to admit I do not do yoga. I am very inflexible even while being a gymnast as a child. Really sad actually. However the other day I did run which I never do and afterwards I would touch my toes. So i may consider yoga again after all. I do need something to help me relax.

  13. Ocean or infinity — and coincidentally, I love those colors! 😉 It’s partly what I am, and partly what I want to be.

    As an aside, I would LOVE a thicker yoga mat; I can always feel the floor through the mat, and my spine doesn’t like it.

    ❤ ❤

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  15. Following on twitter and now it has been tweeted.

  16. Violet would be my pick..not only cuz it’s my favorite color, but i am someone who isn’t exactly “crazy”…i’m a peace-makers and have a calming personality but am caught up in a crazy world. The violet would be SO helpful to de-stress….and the fact that is is extra long helps SO MUCH!! I’m 5’9 and find matts too short sometimes!!

  17. muahah downward dog is by far my favorite pose. My lower back always feels SO released after a couple of those. 🙂

  18. I love the Solar mat! So energizing and bright 🙂

  19. Either pigeon or tree are my favorite poses, depending on the day.

  20. And, I became a fan of Aurorae on Facebook!

  21. I would love a new yoga mat, my favorite pose is the warrior pose. I feel so strong whenever I do it.

  22. Great giveaway! I’d have to go with the orange…I’m full of energy, which inspires my creative-side.

  23. And my favorite pose….that’s a hard one. I love a lot, but for now, I’ll go with sirshasana, the headstand.

  24. I love the ocean color. Blue is soothing, and I grew up near the beach! We always vacationed on the shore and I miss those summer mornings on the quiet beach.

  25. favorite pose….right now it’s pigeon or childs pose 🙂 They’re both so calming and just make me be still.

  26. infinity. people alwasy tell me i have a lot of potential to do anything i want to do.

  27. warrior is my favorite i feel so strong doing it!

  28. Solar fits me best!

  29. I think the seamist sounds perfect for me and a yoga practice – soothing and renewal ! 🙂

  30. I think the solar fits my personality however I Luke the purple or green ones a lot.

  31. the green one is my favorite and suitable for me because i like being calm and intelligent!

  32. i love eagle pose or mountain pose!

  33. The solar one fits my personality. At least I’d like to think so 🙂

  34. My favorite pose is tree pose! I feel so balance and relaxed.

  35. i love the green mat! initially i thought orange might fit me best, but if i’m trying to relax while doing yoga, i think the green might be more soothing. 🙂

  36. BLACK because of the stength and endless possibilities…Love that 🙂
    thanks for the oppourtunity!!

  37. My favorite yoga pose is pigeon…I love the position and how it streches my tight hip flexors!

  38. I think the purple best fits me cause Im a pretty calm person, I think?

  39. I like the camel pose most right now cause I really struggle to get it right, i just started hot yoga so their all pretty hard but this hurts the most!

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  41. and i like child’s pose. i’m really good at it. haha

  42. […] Aurorae giveaway!!! […]

  43. i linked back! 🙂

  44. This mat looks fabulous! I think I would be solar, though infinity could also be fitting. I also became a fan of Aurorae on facebook! Sweet!

  45. The Infinity! It’s powerful but subtle!

  46. i love the infinity mat- so classic and sophisticated!

  47. pigeon pose is my favorite because it always feels fantastic…especially after running!

  48. i like violet. i need the calming influence!

  49. and, my fave poses are half-pigeon, and child’s! it’s a tie 🙂

  50. Infinity-i just got my first job and would love to channel some of that professionalism

  51. Also fav position is half pigeon it feels amazing on my hips

  52. I think solar would definently be my color!

  53. I linked this contest on my site as well!

  54. Im new to yoga but love it. I like Child’s pose alot as I find it really relaxing

  55. OMG! RUFIO! Can I have Rufio instead? No? It was worth a shot….

    I’d have to say solar because I’d like to think that I’m creative and inspiring!

  56. I actually use my yoga mat (I have to tote it b/t home and school…could use another!) to do exercise DVDs and stretches…I not exactly a yoga lover…but I think I’d like Doga… 😉

  57. Solar is definitely my color.

    I just got caught up on your blog after weeks of finals + holiday travel. Hope you’re having fun in LA! Definitely try Pinkberry if you get a chance. Also, if it makes you feel better, I totally sliced up my finger on Christmas morning by trying to move Afsheen’s travel kit and jamming my finger on his razor by mistake. It’s a bad week for fingers!

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  59. I think that Solar is my color!

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