Pimp my Blogroll

So I was doing some playing around online while dinner cooked and realized how many AMAZING blogs are out there that I don’t know anything about!  So I want to know, what blogs do you read that I should be reading?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all of your blogs, and love all of you that are reading my little blog (thank you), I just want MORE!

Thanks ladies, you are the best!


10 Responses

  1. Morgan hope all is well!!!!! Yummy things you have been baking there!!! xoxo

  2. snackface.wordpress.com

    she is my soul sister 🙂


  3. I have recently discovered (and fallen in love with!) http://www.younghouselove.com/ I’m using it as inspiration for decorating our new apartment in New York!

    Makingitlovely.com is just filled with beautiful things.

    SmittenKitchen is excellent, too!

  4. Not sure if you already follow these, but here goes:
    candid rd http://www.candidrd.blogspot.com
    eating rd http://www.mytastytravels.blogpot.com
    prevention rd http://www.preventionrd.com

    and of course mine if you are not following already. Happy reading!

  5. Nix that on Kristens blog. Oh how I went sooooo wrong on that one. The eating rd is really http://mytastytravels.blogspot.com/ so close but oh so wrong the first time.

  6. food with beautiful pictures:
    bella eats http://bellaeats.com/feed
    thought 4 food http://www.thought4food.us

    fashion (a new branch of blogs to enjoy!!):
    anthroholic http://anthroholic.blogspot.com
    the chloe conspiracy http://chloeconspiracy.blogspot.com

    lifestyle-type blogs that i love
    zen habits http://zenhabits.net
    simple mom (even though i’m not a mom either!) http://simplemom.net

    yay enjoy!!

  7. ps: just added you to my blogroll! i’ve had you on my reader for a while, but the ‘roll needed updating 🙂

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