My New Love

I came home from Thanksgiving to find an amazing package from Dr. Kracker, and fell in love pretty soon after that. 

I am a carb fiend, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I truthfully think one of my favorite snacks is cheese and crackers.  I do have problems finding crackers I love.  I like a lot of crackers, but some just aren’t worth eating.  That problem has forever been solved in my life now!

DSC03280 DSC03278 DSC03279 Dr. Kracker makes wholesome, organic crackers (which are quite addicting!).  They are made with whole grains and seeds, and are oddly filling!  Their flavors are all awesome, and make for my new perfect snack.

Dr. Kracker makes flatbreads, which are about the size of a Pop Tart (ewwww) but way more yummy.  They are so good shmeared with whatever you want.  I’ve been inhaling the sunflower cheddar flavor like it’s going out of style.  Le sigh.

I’ve also taken to grabbing handful of their cracker crisps, which rock my world!

DSC03282 Because I love spice so much, I am obsessed with the fire roasted crisps.  Spicy, with a nice crunch to them!  It’s likely I’ll cry when they are all gone.  Seriously, look at all the seeds and yummy flavoring in there.  Heavenly!


Check out the Seedlander.  I love that there are whole pumpkin seeds in here!  Plus, they are made with spelt, so my mom can eat these!  She is allergic to wheat, and has a hard time finding good crackers, I think we have a winner!

DSC03309So thank you Dr. Kracker for my newest addiction.  One day I’ll be able to stop eating these, but I really don’t want to!

Don’t forget…Wusthof knife giveaway!

How was everyone’s weekend?  Did you do anything fun?


5 Responses

  1. yey! a fellow carb fiend. It is so my weakness. Those crackers look great!! My weekend has been pretty chill actually. It was raining like crazy here (which usually doesnt happen) so I wanted to take advantage of it and I spent the day on the couch under the blankets watching movies. ahah. Gotta love lazy saturdays. But today its bright and sunny and Im up and moving!! Hope your having a fabulous weekend as well girl!

  2. I love those crackers. We had a nice weekend of not too much thankfully. Watching some movies and hanging out.

  3. Those crackers look hearty and wonderful! Mmmm!!

  4. High five on the carb fiend! For some reason I never really viewed crackers as a way to satisfy my carbaholicness. Gotta try those!

  5. MMM! I love Dr. Kracker! The pumpkin cheddarr one is phenomenal! 😀

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