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Spicy Crockpot Fries

Having guacamole in my house is never a very good idea.  I really have a little bit of a portion problem when it comes to dips, so I decided I needed to create a dinner that would use the guacamole , so I wouldn’t be constantly tempted to reach into the pantry, grab some corn chips and dip away!  I also had ZERO interest in going out to the store, and needed something fairly quick since I would be gone most of the day.

I stared at my crockpot and my giant bag of potatoes and started to get some inspiration.  For some reason, the idea of chili cheese fries sounded amazing on such a cold, windy night.  Now, mind you, I have NEVER had chili cheese fries.  In my life.  Why those sounded so good to me is beyond my understanding, but I decided to not question it.

I figured I could try making fries in the crockpot and see how that turned out.  I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to make actual fries, so I was hoping and praying this worked.  First I took down my ton of potatoes.

DSC03476I sprayed my crock with some nonstick cooking spray, and cut up about 10 potatoes into wedges.

DSC03477 I coated them with EVOO and a ton of taco seasoning.

DSC03479 DSC03478Give it a few tosses, and set your crockpot on high for about 6 hours.  Come home to the most amazing smell in your house.  MMMMM…spices.  Can I just say that I ADORE spicy fries.  I always loved them, but it really went over the top when I was studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia.  So many of the pubs served “spiced wedges” with sour cream and sweet chili sauce.  Heaven!

DSC03494 I also had the foresight to defrost the rest of the chili from the other night.  Now we started building!  First came the fries.  They weren’t soggy, but they weren’t crisp.  They tasted good, but were kind of soft (which is why they are all falling apart here).

DSC03495 A layer of chili

DSC03496 Some cheese (microwaved for a few seconds for some melty, cheesy goodness).


DSC03498Finally, a layer of guacamole (By the way, to keep it from browning, put one of the avocado pits in with the guacamole!).  Next, DEVOUR!

DSC03500 Look at that beautiful cheesiness!  This is kind of what my mom and I call a “dump recipe.”  Dump it all together, and you get yumminess!

‘Twas good, try it!

Now, click here!

Do you ever make any “dump recipes”?  What’s your favorite?


6 Responses

  1. Love dump recipes! I made taco salad this week. It was more like a taco mound — yumm! Oh, and it included guacamole. Too much guacamole. I, too, have a slight portion control ISSUE with guac and dips!

  2. These sound delish! I’ve never made anything in my crockpot that wasn’t some sort of soup or stew (or applesauce… yum!) but I just might have to give these a try. Does it matter that there’s no liquid in the pot? Thanks for sharing!

  3. yum! ur so creative!

  4. That looks so good!

  5. OH my gosh!! delish!!

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