Ketchup for Dinner

When I was younger, my brother LOVED ketchup.  He put it on everything.  Spaghetti, pizza, MAPLE BROWN SUGAR OATMEAL.  Gross, right?  I think that we eventually figured out that he used ketchup to help cool hot food down, and eventually figured out better substitutions (um, like maple syrup).  Regardless, ketchup was always around growing up, I still love the stuff.

For some reason, I’m also remembering a time when my mom poured ketchup on my brother’s head.  Justin, did that happen or did I make it up?  Oh by the way, want to see a picture of what my little baby brother, the doctor looks like?  Solomon and I were at Yankees Stadium with him and his amazing, adorable girlfriend Robin.  How cute are they?

DSC01663 Anyway, back to the ketchup.  The other night I think I was channeling Justin, because all I wanted was ketchup.  For dinner.  While one could argue this is in fact a vegetable, I very strongly felt I could not justify this as dinner, as much as I wanted to.  Besides, ketchup and a spoon?  Yuck.  I dug around my kitchen, and came up with 2 things to cook that would perfectly maximize my ketchup usage.

First, I looked to my ton and a half of potatoes.  While I really wanted to bake french fries,  I was feeling thoroughly impatient and didn’t want to wait that long.  I like to let them soak in water for awhile before I bake them.  I figured roasted potatoes were easy enough.

I took a few potatoes (5 or 6?) and cut them into cubes and other little bite sized pieces.  I also threw in a half an onion I had to use up.  I tossed all of this with a little EVOO, tons of minced garlic, oregano and salt and pepper.  Spread into a Pam’ed (is that a word?) casserole dish (a mini one) and let it bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.  The result?  Amazing potatoe-y deliciousness.  Perfect comfort food and perfect for ketchup!

DSC03199I also had some kale I had to use up, so I went with Rufio’s favorite, and made kale chips!  I honestly believe I could eat these everyday, plus they are beyond simple!  All you do is wash some kale, and rip it into small, bite sized pieces.   Spread them out on a cookie sheet, drizzle a little EVOO on top, and sprinkle on some salt and pepper.  These then went into the oven for the last 10 minutes of the potatoes.  They were perfectly crunchy and delicious.  What’s best is that Solomon loves kale chips too!  It satisfies a salty craving, gives you a nice crunch and is chock full of vitamins!

DSC03203 This was quite honestly the most perfect way to satisfy my ketchup craving!  Maybe not the most healthful/balanced meal, but hey, you only live once right?  If I want potatoes and kale for dinner, I can (not that it’s such a bad thing!)

For the record, while I love ketchup, my heart will always belong to hot sauce as my #1 favorite condiment.  I think it might be one of the most perfect things on earth.  Really.

Oh yeah, want to see something cool?  Check out how my kombucha is doing.  Science at work!

DSC03214 DSC03215

Today, Solomon and I (and a few other friends!) are going vegan for Vegan Week!  I’m really excited to go vegan for a day.  I’m not too worried about this challenge, because I think it will be easier than I expect!  I’ve had the idea of veganism in the back of my head for a long time, and think one day will be a great stepping stone to trying a week or a month, and seeing where that takes me!  I’ll post my eats tomorrow (I’ve never posted a whole day of eats before!)

Are you participating in #VeganWeek?

What’s your favorite condiment?

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14 Responses

  1. I put ketchup on everything. I’ve tamed it back over the years from the days of cornflake, cheese and ketchup sanwiches (oh yes, I did) and try to keep it more appropriate…but I can’t eat salad of vegetables without ketchup. I consider it a flavour enhancer 😀

  2. i love ketchup, too! I’ve never put it on oatmeal, but when I have it, I have a lot.

  3. I was just pondering this the other day… I’m not very big on condiments! Unless, of course, salt counts as a condiment. I don’t think it does. 😉

    ❤ ❤

  4. I love ketchup, but I’m all about mustard. The spicier and browner the better.

  5. Ketchup is a staple. Really, it totally is. My son doesn’t like it though. He’s quirky. You just can’t beat ketchup on potatoes in my book. I would want it for dinner, too… if I had a dinner like yours.

  6. There is no condiment better than Frank’s Red Hot. I put it on every kind of potato (mashed, french fries, home fries, hashed browns, etc), green beans, corn, peas, etc. I don’t buy milk, cheese or eggs, but I’m not vegan. Just not into supporting the ridiculous treatment of animals in the dairy/egg industry. Good luck going vegan today!

  7. i’m doing vegan week (day) too!! and i also see a future longer-term vegan challenge although i’m thinking more a vegan day once weekly rather than extended periods sans meat + dairy.

    i’m currently eating a veggie burger with ketchup and i have to admit it, i miss the cheese.

  8. How funnyy!! My brother is TOTALLY the scary ketchup monster of my household too!! hahah He would put it on fried rice, on SOUP, on literally everything I can think of!

    I love the idea of going vegan for a day. I think it is SO much easier than i thought it would be once i started reading blogs! There are so many alternatives for vegan living! I’m so sure you’ll eat some really yummy stuff girl…:) I’d love to do that challenge for a week and see what happens. hehee

  9. LOL that post is super cute!! I once had a babyusitter who was obsessed with ketchup too! and she would slather it all over everything that she served to me and my brother, we despised it after a while!

    thank you for sharing, and letting us know a little bit more about your family!!


  10. ah that’s fantastic that your kombucha is growing! how cool!

  11. I have to make Kale chips! They look awesome.

  12. i think it was orange juice, but maybe it was both, mom really enjoyed dumping edibles on my head

  13. […] Roasted squash is the perfect side dish for ANY meal…but if I have a hard time fitting all my vegetables onto a baking tray, chances are that I will have a hard time fitting them in my stomach- hello, squash baby! (yes that is ketchup on my spinach!) […]

  14. […] Treats.  I saw these mentioned in Shape and really wanted to give them a try, since I love Kale Chips so […]

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