Danger Zone

There are some things that are truly dangerous around me.  Meaning once I get my hands on them, it can be pretty hard to stop. 

For example: cheese and crackers.  There’s no stopping me once I get started.DSC01301Red wine.  Enough said. DSC03135Good chocolate.  Dark chocolate.  With spice.  With pop rocks.  With sea salt.  Deliciousness.


Tortilla chips.  I’m like a bottomless pit.  Any kind of dip will do-guacamole, salsa, spinach artichoke.  You name, I’m all over it.

DSC03149Vanilla soft serve.  It’s seriously one of the most perfect desserts ever.  Plain or with rainbow sprinkles.  Yum.

DSC03152Now this.  Highway to the Danger Zone

I present you with…the Soda Club.


As someone who has been carrying a reusable water bottle everywhere for the last 10 years, I am really hesitant to buy plastic water bottles and cans.   

I love seltzer, and flavored seltzers, but just don’t buy them because there is so much waste.  When I heard about the Soda Club, I knew this was something that my life was incomplete without.  When Rob offered to send me one to try, I literally jumped around screaming and yelling.  Every time the UPS guy drove by and I was home I would wait like a little kid on Christmas.  When he didn’t pull into the driveway, my heart broke a little bit.  Well, he finally came and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Soda Club is committed to reducing carbon footprints, both as a company, and of their customers.  They are “actively green,” meaning that the more the machine is used, the more a person is able to reduce their carbon footprint.  Soda Club uses tap water, making store bought bottles unnecessary, making less waste.  By having reusable bottles, Soda Club helps to reduce packaging waste and reduce pollution caused by transport of these bottles.  One carbonator makes between 180 and 330 cans.  Not only is that a lot of money saved, think about the environmental impact that has.  The box it came in also told me it was produced in Israel, which thrilled me. 

Of course the first thing I did once I unpacked it was play photographer.  I wanted to showcase all of the beautiful flavors that came with my soda stream.  They were a little pushy, as models can be, trying to be front and center in the picture, but I think in the end everyone was happy.

DSC03134 In addition to soda flavorings and energy drinks, they also sent some water flavorings!  Flavored water is another thing I love, but can’t justify buying.  I may even sneak some of these into my Nalgenes, just to perk up my regular water (I drink a ton by the way, if anyone need tips on getting enough water, I’m your girl!). 

DSC03124 Solomon asked to try the root beer first.  That was A-OK with me, so I went to work.  First you get the machine set up (this is after you play with the carbonator like you are a little child).  I think maybe I was pretending the drink it.  I don’t really know.  Also, I don’t even know why I’m sharing this, not the most flattering picture!DSC03127 Next you fill one of the bottles with water to the fill line, screw it into the machine and press the button a few times.  This sends bursts into the bottle, carbonating everything inside!

DSC03131Choose your flavor next, and pour some of the syrup into the cap of the bottle it’s in.  This gets slowly poured into the bottle, which is gently shaken.

DSC03123  DSC03133 At this point you try not to drink it all at once.  It’s really yummy, so that’s hard.  One way to refrain is to decide that after dinner, you will combine one of the aforementioned dangerous treats with this root beer.  That’s right, root beer floats.

DSC03153 At this point, you must realize it is late and you have to refrain from making more and more soda.  I told you, it’s dangerous. 

The next morning, it might be fun to make diet pink grapefruit.  You know, because your mom loves all things pink grapefruit, so really this was for her.  500 miles away.  I just drank her servings.

DSC03156 An addiction, I tell you.  This is bad news.  But oh so good.

Now that I’ve gushed on and on about this wonder, I think I should let you know who won my nutty giveaway (winner chosen using Random.org).

I just want to thank each and every one of you who entered, and I hope you continue to visit my little slice of the web.  I do have yet another giveaway coming up on Monday (sadly, my last for a while), so if you didn’t win, please check back!

Congrats to Meg from Be Fit. Be Full.  Drop me an email when you get a chance!

Which flavor of the sodas above most appeals to you?  What foods or drinks are completely dangerous around you?

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11 Responses

  1. I love Sodastreams! I had one when I was little- the berry water sounds great to me!

    Danger foods around me- okay, don’t laugh, roasted vegetables. I used to make big batches to last the whole week (think 2kg of veg) and end up eating them in a day. Granted, they aren’t exactly ‘harmful’ but definitely not much fun to go to sleep after eating. Lol.

  2. That soda stream is so cool!

    I am dangerous around baked goods. haha

  3. That water looks so cool!! I want to try!!

    I also cannot stop when it comes to cheese and crackers. Best food ever.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink grapefruit. once you start you dont stop. lol.

  5. WAYYYYYY too cool!

    Oh and YES…Vanilla soft serve is a smile in a bowl…or a cone…or my mouth! 😀

  6. tiramisu mashed potatos goldfish crackers french fries dumplings

  7. I love Cola! But orange soda comes in at a close second.

    Coca-Cola is a dangerous beverage for me. If it is in the house I am going to drink it up. I also have a weakness for kettle cooked potato chips and spinach artichoke dip.

  8. That is SO cool!! I don’t drink carbonated beverages, because for some weird reason they send me into sneezing fits… but that is still awesome.

    Way back, I used to be the same way around tortilla chips. Hopeless.

    ❤ ❤

  9. I love those machines! My host family had one in Germany, but we never thought of adding anything to the water. Very cool.

  10. […] The fizziness of store bought kombucha is missing from this.  Maybe I should stick it in the Soda Stream and carbonate it?  I don’t know if home brewing kombucha is meant for me.  It was a fun […]

  11. […] This big wad of gauze will be off in a day or so.  The good thing is that I got one of my favorite treats, DQ!  There’s nothing better than vanilla ice cream with rainbow […]

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