Booty and Wine

Is it weird that when I wrote that title I instantly connected wine with a booty call, as opposed to what this is about?  Where on earth is my head these days?

Right, well anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Jessie from Pirate’s Booty sent me a treasure chest, literally.

October 2009 237 I opened it up to find BOOTY inside!

October 2009 238 One of each flavor Pirate’s Booty, a chip clip, a coupon and a keychain.  This package wins for best presentation of samples from any company, hands down! So, after I chased Solomon around with the chip clip, trying to clip it to his nose, lips and ears, I got down to business.  First things first, original booty, which Solomon had NEVER had :(.  Obviously he loved it.  Cause it’s cheesy and delicious and generally rocks.  Another obvious thing to note…Rufio got in on the booty action.  There was food involved, so he was there.  It’s like a law of nature or something.  Food = Rufio.

October 2009 288 A couple of days later I gave the Bermuda Onion a try.  I had high hopes for these guys, but was really disappointed.  They tasted like Funyons.  I love the original so much, I’m willing to get over this.

DSC02904Because it’s my blog, I feel like I want to share the Funyon story with y’all.  I’m keeping everyone anonymous though.

Back in college one year 8 of us shared a suite.  There were 2 doubles and 4 singles (I had a single).  One of my friends in one of the doubles had invited a boy she liked over to watch a movie.  He was going to bring the movie.  We worked together as a suite, and basically redid the room to allow for maximum date action.  We took all the chairs out of the room, and set up the TV so you pretty much had to sit on her bed to watch it.

So the guy shows up…with his roommate, a bag of Funyons, and Silence of the Lambs. Some date, right?  So my friend convinces me to stay in the room with them, since the situation is so bizarre.  Well, something you guys don’t know about me is that I am afraid of my own shadow, and scary movies are a big no for me.  I made it through about 5 minutes of the movie, and had to leave.  I felt bad leaving since it was her, the “date” and his roommate, but what could I do?

The “date” sits on the floor, and the roommate curls up on my friends bed with her.  “Date” sat on the floor the whole time and ate a giant bag of Funyons.  It was gross.  The whole thing was just so bizarre, because we were all fairly certain he liked her, but roommate and Funyons do not make a date.  Bringing Funyons is like saying “No way I’m gonna kiss you.”  So that’s the Funyon story.  It makes me laugh.  It wasn’t so funny at the time, but looking back, we think it’s hilarious.

Back to the booty.  As I said, this was  No way in hell was I throwing out my treasure chest.  I looked around, and couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I looked at the message on the chest, and knew what I had to do!


Healthy? Delicious?  I’m on it!  Behold…my newest wine holder!  Both healthy and delicious, right?

DSC02827I adore these little guys, but can only find them at Target in Florida.  Perfect when no one else wants to open a bottle, and for cooking.  Plus, you can throw them in your purse with a straw and sneak them into the movies.  Not that I have ever done that ;).

DSC02906 I have a swim meet later, so I’ll post the Chobani giveaway winner later.  That means you still have time to enter!  Good luck!

Don’t forget to head over the Balance is Beauty for a Glo Bar Giveaway!


14 Responses

  1. pirate booty chips sound amazing! i’ve never heard of them before, but have seen them around the blogs! look yummy!

  2. wow, that really is a bizarre story. im guessing that was the last ‘date’ they ever went on…

    wine cube…hmmm never heard of it. interesting though that it’s in packaging like coconut water 🙂

  3. haha i love the wine in the treasure chest. that is my kind of treasure 🙂

    and i LOVE funyons. i do. i truly truly do!

    • truthfully, I’ve never even had a Funyon! It’s my kind of treasure too, I feel like I struck gold every time I open that box!

  4. Haha I like your Funyon story! That guy sounded random .

  5. Sneaking wine into the movies? Sounds like my kind of night.

    I have a funny Funyons story too. My freshman year, we put on a play about love through the ages and we rehearsed every day for a couple hours after class. There were about ten of us and every day someone brought a snack. Well, it was one of the guys’ turn and he brought (I’m not even joking) Mountain Dew and Funyuns. We were all sitting back in the cramped space behind the stage, burping and gagging on each other’s awful breath. The final scene where a girl and a guy kiss, the climax of the entire play, the girl whispered to the guy “don’t even think about it.” We all started laughing and couldn’t stop. Our teacher eventually found it sort of funny, but we had a strict no Funyons rule for the rest of rehearsals.

    • that’s too funny! I can only imagine the smells!

      I love how that’s an idea of a great afternoon snack for a guy!

  6. so, you now have a treasure box, full of wine?
    can we be best friends?

  7. OMG OMG OMG!! All of this food is fabulous, but I’ll take the Schnauzer and run! 😀 Ahhh…seeing that little booger makes me miss my two babies so bad! More pics of cute little Rufio please!! 😀

  8. such a cool box, I want one 🙂 and tetra packs are perfect for sneaking wine, I wish we had mini ones in Canada it would be great for picnics!

  9. I love Pirate’s Booty, and wHAT a cool package container!!! OMG!
    and lol! Sneaking wine with a straw into the movie theaters! That’s the first I’ve ever heard!

  10. i love your blog 🙂
    I havent have the Priate Booty things!! But i have been so tempted to try them!!

  11. love pirates booty!! luck lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!! will let you know how the yogurts are : ) hope you are great!! Nice to hear from you!!!!! xo

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