Fat Talk Smackdown

First of all, thank you for all of your comments about my hair. I can’t wait to donate it again, and am so happy that so many of you have either donated your hair, or plan to do so!

I know that you have all seen it all over the blogosphere, but I think this is too important not to share, just so anyone who hasn’t seen it yet has a chance to watch it.  This week is Fat Talk Free Week, “an international, 5 day public awareness effort to draw attention to body image issues and the damaging impact of the thin ideal on women in society,” by Tri Delta.

FAT TALK is statements that explicitly or implicitly reinforce the unattainable thin-ideal standard of female beauty promoted by our culture.  (Tri Delta).


  • 1 out of 8 adolescent girls reported starving themselves to lose weight.
  • 40% of moms tell their adolescent daughters to diet.  45% of these girls are of average weight.
  • 70 million people worldwide struggle with eating disorders.  In the United States, 10 million females suffer from anorexia or bulimia
  • 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat
  • 67% of women 15-64 withdraw from life engaging activities because thy feel badly about their looks.
  • A mere 3-5 minutes of engaging in fat talk substantially increases body dissatisfaction.

Not the most positive statistics, are they?

I am VERY guilty of fat talk.  About myself and about others.  I admit it.  I’m trying to stop, and have pledged this week to be FAT TALK FREE! I am so hard on myself about everything, why my body too?  My body has done SO MUCH for me, and I treat it well with exercise and good food, shouldn’t I show it more respect than to speak so negatively about it?  It seems like my friends and I spend way too much time talking about what we don’t like about our bodies, and almost no time talking about what we love about our bodies.  It’s sad to admit, but being fat talk free is a lot harder than I thought.  I was feeling a little down on myself and trying to maintain positive, when I found this article in Glamour:

These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size


I know I’m not the only one who is tired of seeing waif thin women modeling, creating unrealistic expectations for society!  I respect all of the women mentioned in this article and the above picture for their body confidence and positive self image.  I think they all look amazing, and a heck of a lot more like me than any other model I’ve seen!  I have thick thighs, and rolls in my stomach too!  Buy why can I look at this picture and see these women as beautiful and not see it in myself?

Therefore, I challenged myself to come up with 3 things I LOVE about my body:

  1. My shoulders are strong and toned from years of swimming.  I always feel confident in a strapless dress.
  2. My legs are solid and muscular.  I feel good about wearing skirts and dresses, especially with heels!  I think my legs look great, scars, bruises and all!
  3. While it sounds bizarre, I have a graceful neck, which looks wonderful in all kinds of tops.  I think a simple necklace is all I need to show off my collarbone and neck, which I am quite proud of.

What about you?  What do you love about yourself?  How are you going to stop fat talking?


11 Responses

  1. i loved that in college i had girlfriends where we would never say negative things about our bodies… our standard greeting was “(insert name here) is smart and pretty!”. when you’re getting told you’re pretty every day you’re not hating on yourself too much.
    i love my hands-i have skinny long fingers that i can never find rings to fit.
    and i love my slightly bigger than the average white girl butt, even if it means sometimes i gotta go up a pants size to fit it into clothing.

  2. I’m seriously loving all these anti-fat talk posts on the blogs this week.

    What I love about myself is my waist and abs… my waist is long, yet curvy and you can’t see the six pack yet, but I can feel it under there!

    In a house of three women, fat talk is (sadly) inevitable. Our weights fluctuate so much and it’s hard for us to not criticize ourselves and each other, but lately we’ve tried to be much more encouraging, as we’ve all set goals and want to make changes.

  3. loved this post! i think everyone should embrace their own body and their beauty. it’s so hard not to compare ourselves with others, and reminding ourselves that we’re healthy and beautiful is so important. i loved the three things you love about yourself – great!!

  4. Great post! The woman in that picture are gorgeous if you ask me. They are hot! I say we worry about our body less and more about how we treat others…at the end of the road our body isn’t coming with us!

  5. What a great post and great list 🙂

    I love my sense of humor, and I think I’m funny even if no one else does 🙂

    I love my brown eyes and brown hair that make me look like my family.

  6. I love that picture. Those women are so beautiful! I am trying to become better about my fat talk. I want to have a baby girl one day and I don’t want to pass that on to her.

  7. yea fine statements above 😀 …;)

  8. i’m 16 & trust me i’m the one who hears fat talk constantly & most of its from me but i’m working on lovin & setting goals & meeting them i’ve lost 36 lbs & keep going stronggg (: i love my eyes, my calfs even though its strange they look beautiful in heels & my feet (: i’m tryin to be confrontable with myself & i urge everyone to do the same your alot happier with yourself!

    Catie, Knoxville TN

  9. this is so right im only 15 so bare with me…
    im tired of the lame u have to be thiis in high skool so every girl who thinks its right to judge people they realy need to live and think like ……….i am beautiful the way i am i like my body the way it is .
    for the fact i know girls who have been sent to the hospital cause of a loss of food yeah it scared them but they do the same thing.
    as a parent to teens like this help them know what is right to do and how bad it is to starve yourself.

  10. We are all beautful no matter what your body looks like. I still think the photo of your lovely ladies is not what we would call a typical middle aged body ! but they are gorgeous !! Great post keep them coming

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