Fun Foods Part Deux!

Missed Part 1 of all the fun things I’ve tried lately?  I swear, I don’t eat like this all the time!

Crazy Camel Chocolate Mousse Hummus
The flavor of this was awesome, but the texture threw me off a little bit.  I liked this, but definitely liked the caramel apple better.  I guess I was expecting something smoother, more mousse like and not quite as grainy?  I dunno, but the chocolate taste was good!


Peppadew Place hot sauce
I first tried peppadews a few years ago as a way to spice up a salad, and think they are one of the most amazing foods ever.  This hot sauce gives Frank’s a run for it’s money!  It’s nice and hot, but not quite as vinegary.  This was perfect on Spanish rice!


Stuffed Cupcakes
Red velvet, double chocolate, vanilla and cannoli flavors…Need I say more?


Lactic Acid Bars
We found these at the local “Hong Kong Supermarket.”  These were…interesting but fun!


North Carolina Sauces
These were picked up on the road this past spring when my mom drove my grandmother up from Florida.  The 3 pepper hot sauce was awesome on baked tofu!  I have a peach butter at home from this company that I have to give a try!


Anything interesting and different that you think is a “must try?”


3 Responses

  1. Those cupcakes look like heaven!

  2. gahh I am dying to try that dessert hummus but can’t find it anywhere near me :\ such a bummer!

  3. OMG those lactic acid bars look exactly like the popsicles i used to have as a kid. Asians have really wierd food, I should know, I grew up around it…lol…

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