Fun Foods!

Food is meant to be fun.  I mean, it’s nourishment and fuel, but it’s also delicious and a lot of fun.

When I was younger, my parents house was full of ridiculous food.  Ridiculous junk food.  Because it was always available to me, I never wanted to eat any of it.  I was the kid who came home from school and wanted carrot sticks, and my friends would come over and pig out! 

Since my mom does the grocery shopping, she’s in charge of anything that comes into the house.  My dad eats a lot of junk (and is so fit and healthy), so there is always something fun in the house.  A lot of times I won’t try what is here (Mallomars?  No thanks), but so many times my mom finds the most fun things, either in the store, or at work.  Here are some fun things I’ve tried since coming to NJ.  Not everything was found in the cabinets here, but everything was good.

Trader Joe’s Seriously Seedy & Nutty Wafers
These crackers were seriously dangerous around me.  I love the taste of sesame and all of the nutty goodness



Ricemellow Crème
I used to adore marshmallow fluff.  I would eat it by the spoonful.  It was ridiculous.  This is really good, and a helluva lot better for you than fluff!



Sarabeth’s Marmalade
This was a spur of the moment purchase, and I have already gone through about 1/4 of the container.  This is so yummy, and not too sweet.  The flavors are a perfect balance.  Pricey, but worth it.


Peeled Snacks
I received these from Dawn a few weeks ago and hadn’t gotten a chance to try them out.  I’ve tried the banana and pineapple so far.  The only ingredient in these are the fruit themselves.  The fruits are soft, not at all like dried fruit.  They tasted totally fresh!


Bee Raw Honeys

I love me some honey, and like to have a little bit of variety.  We bought these three honeys on a recommendations, and they are fantastic.  I’ve only used them in oatmeal so far, and they added a nice, subtle flavor.  We tried 3 varieties:


Since my mom and I were splitting them, I got cute little jars to take my honey home with!


What’s a fun product you have tried lately?  Tried anything local that you loved?


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5 Responses

  1. mm that honey looks so good-i love honey!
    we try lots of local beer 🙂 and we love it!

  2. Aww, local products are sucha nice touch. I miss the farmers markets, but I can still fidn some smaller ones around town.

  3. Oooh, I like that honey a lot. It’s very cute. And don’t you love the Peeled snacks? They’re great.

    Lately, I’ve tried a lot of new foods. My favorite “fun” food I’ve tried, though, is the dried green beans at Trader Joe’s. I thought they might be kinda weird, but they are super fun to eat.

  4. What fun! Haha, I totally agree, food should be fun, in addition to being nourishment and fuel.
    Maybe you can try baking with those lovely honey!

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