Easy-Peasy Cheesy

Sometimes when wandering Wegman’s, my mom and I tend to see things that are pretty, and decide to give them a try.  We found these beautiful stuffed dates the other day, and figured we could make them our own way at home!  This turned out to be a great dip.

First get a soft cheese.  The stuffed dates had gorgonzola and marscapone.  We ended up using just a gorgonzola.


We then poured some date pieces, and walnuts in with the cheese, and mixed it up a ton.  We felt like something was missing, and that was a sweetness.  The stuffed dates had carmelized nuts, so we added a little touch that made all the difference.


It’s amazing how useful maple sugar actually is. 


Once we stirred it up and realized we had reached cheesy perfection, my mom thought it would be fun to take a picture of the cheese in a muffin wrapper! 


I feel like this is such a versatile idea, and can be made with so many different kinds of cheeses and other goodies. 


What’s something you have tried in a restaurant or elsewhere that you made at home that really worked?


7 Responses

  1. This looks awesome! my mom recreates things from eating out all the time!

  2. i never knew maple sugar existed!

  3. I once re-created a zucchini pasta recipe from a restaurant… I was totally winging it, but it was incredible how similar it was in taste to “the real thing”!

    ❤ ❤

  4. Oh wow. I love gorgonzola and I love dates, so I bet I’d love this. Great idea!

    Funny, I am very adventurous when it comes to eating, but not very much when it comes to cooking. My favorite dish I’ve recreated is the migas from Kerbey Lane in Austin.

  5. wow, i’m drooooooling. that looks so amazing! i bet it would be good in oatmeal too!

  6. Omg that looks realllly good!

  7. What a creative recipe! Love the mix of salty and sweet!

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