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October 14, 2007

Missed how we met, how we got engaged, or the fun before the wedding?

I loved our wedding.  It was just so us!  Starting on Friday we had a shabbat dinner and service.  The next morning we had services again and a luncheon.  That night we met some friends at a local bar for drinks, then went to an Italian restaurant for our rehearsal dinner.  We did a lot of finger foods and dessert.  I might have drank a little too much wine and not eaten enough…oops!

005_5 I started the day at the salon with my bridal party, some friends and family.  We had an awesome brunch spread (leftovers from weekend events).  I had my trifecta…pampering, coffee and a mimosa!


Here’s our wedding location, the Shadowbrook 

shadow Some fun details.  My brother bought us beautiful Swarovski toasting flutes.  I was also a Yankees fan at the time (not anymore!), so we thought it would be fun to recognize the rivalry!



I LOVED my dress, even though I didn’t want to try it on at first.  I wanted a simple, A-Line gown, which this was definitely not.  But I felt beautiful the whole day in it!  Our colors were brown and pink, and I had beautiful roses, in 5 different shades of pink.  Each bridesmaid carried a bouquet of roses of one of those colors.  My bouquet also had stephanotis, like my mom’s bouquet.


I also had an amazing bridal party of friends and family.  My nephews were in the wedding too, but I don’t feel right putting their pictures up.  One was almost 2, and wore a tux with tails, and pulled his mom (bridesmaid) down the aisle.  The other was 5 months, and wore a tuxedo onesie!


Our ceremony was long, but beautiful.  The sun set during it, and our rabbi spoke beautifully.  We had a beautiful chuppah which was first used by Solomon’s sister, then his cousin after us, which I love.  We also had a ketubah that we love, that hangs in our living room now.

chup ketubah

We then partied our butts off.  Solomon and I had our first dance to “That’s All.”

dance Our band was FANTASTIC and really had the crowd going!  The floor was packed all night.  They even sang “Sweet Caroline” at the end of the night (so Boston!).  Parent dances were sentimental, as they should be!  We totally missed the cocktail hour, but got some food, which was delicious!  I had a little to eat during the reception, but nobody ate much dinner, because we had the belly dancer come to our wedding!

belly Look at that stomach, she’s had 3 babies!  Everyone had so much fun, and we were all belly dancing with her!  Some of the guys got a little bit frisky, but it was all in good fun. 

Solomon’s younger brother was kind enough to share his 21st birthday with us.  We had a cake for him, and had everyone sing him Happy Birthday, and did some birthday shots!

shots The only bad thing was our cake.  They made it wrong, but I think I described it wrong.  Also, it was supposed to be vanilla cake with white chocolate mousse and strawberries.  When we cut into it and saw chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, we said to each other “just keep smiling” and cut it.  It wasn’t very good, but to make up for it, they gave us a fresh new cake on our anniversary!

cakeYes, those are bride and groom rubber duckies on the top, made by my MOH!

I hope you enjoyed letting me relive my wedding.  I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years for us!



8 Responses

  1. You guys look so happy! I love these pictures.

  2. aww, i love seeing people’s weddings!
    and the picture of you getting ready is fantastic 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your wedding recap and how you two met. Your such a cute couple and I wish you many more years to come.

  4. that is one beautiful wedding. you are GORGEOUS! 🙂


  5. Thank you ladies, you guys are the sweetest!

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