Before the Big Day!

Missed how we met and our engagement

Oh the events!  It was such a fun time leading up to the wedding, especially since we had a year and a half engagement!  First up was our engagement party in NJ that my parents threw.  This was in our backyard, and so much fun.  We made a lot of the food ourselves, because my parents love to grill.  We had a giant glass jug of sangria too.  We decided to use this party as a chance to smash cake in one another’s faces.

IMG_4601Then came my bridal shower.  It was held at a Turkish restaurant in my home town.  We had traditional Turkish food, and really had a feast.  We even had a belly dancer come and give us lessons!


I got spoiled rotten at the shower too.  I have some of the most amazing friends and family a girl could ask for!

DSC00413DSC00446 DSC00406

Next, came another engagement party in Boston.  This one was basically a wedding.  My in laws have a huge network in Boston, and there were so many people they could not invite to the wedding in NJ b/c of the size of our venue.  We did a traditional Iraqi henna ceremony.  That was a big mess!

n676800351_1239628_5942 We also danced all night, had some amazing food, and generally had a blast.  Since our engagement was kind of long, it made us feel ready for the big day. 

n676800351_1239620_2802 We are so cute it kills me!

Next came my bachelorette party!  I did not want to go to any strip clubs, or get sloppy drunk and act stupid.  I also really didn’t want any penis paraphernalia, because it’s just not me.  I even wanted my mother and mother in law included, because they are so important to me.  First, we went to my maid of honor’s (the one who is getting married this weekend!) apartment on the Upper East Side, and they dressed me up.  Our first stop was Cafe Lalo for one of the most amazing breakfasts I have ever had in my whole life.  Next, we went pole dancing!  This is something I have always wanted to try, and let me tell you…it’s a hell of a workout!  I even got stripper shoes as a gag gift!  They have little rubber duckies floating in the front, since I collect rubber duckies!

n9800840_31146955_2029 After that, we headed back to Robin’s to relax, and then it was off the Beauty Bar for manicures and martinis!  We then headed to Ruby Foo’s for dinner, which was fantastic!  The girls paraded me right through Times Square with all my bachelorette decor, but no one in Times Square even seemed to notice!

n9800840_31146960_1460 Our last stop was Culture Club where we finished the night dancing.  We were so wiped at this point, but had a blast.  My girls did an amazing job!

n9800840_31146978_6799 I was a mess by the end of the night, but so happy!


3 Responses

  1. amazing! 🙂 your friends and family are amazing!

  2. Looks like a blast!! I’m sure that people weren’t phased in Times Square.. they don’t seem to be phased by anything!

  3. […] love some of my gadgets!  Between my mom, and some incredibly generous gifts from our wedding, engagment parties and bridal shower, we are really well stocked!  Up top in the picture below is a panini maker, waffle maker, […]

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