Buffalo Tofu Fajitas

Solomon is off in Buffalo for the whole week for work.  Last night he was telling me about the amazing wings he had at Duff’s Pub (I think), which is where wings were created.  I got a little jealous, since I love, love, love buffalo sauce, but don’t eat meat, so I knew there was no way I was ever going to try these amazing wings, even though we are only 2 hours from Buffalo and I am going tomorrow (I think we are going to head to Niagara Falls!).  Anyhoo, I was determined to figure out a way to enjoy the yummy buffalo flavor here at home, and thought that tofu can do pretty much anything, I should give it a try!


First I sautéed an onion, and sprinkled it with some of my homemade taco seasoning.  I make and keep things like taco seasoning, cinnamon sugar and homemade pumpkin pie spice on hand at all times.  It’s cheaper to make at home, and there’s no junk in any of it!  See, I told you I was a label nerd!

DSC02154 Next I did the same thing with sliced bell peppers, including adding more taco seasoning.  I put both the onions and peppers on my adorable fajita server, and stuck them in the oven to stay warm.

Next, I put some Smart Balance Lite (yeah Brandeis!) in my pan, and added some cubed tofu.  I find when pan frying tofu, it’s best to leave it alone for a bit, then turn it once each side is nicely browned.  When you move it around too much, it just never cooks quite the same.  I don’t know why!  Once the tofu was cooked enough for my liking, I took some of my addiction, I mean, Franks and poured it all over the top…the more the merrier!  I let it cook a little bit more, just so the tofu could absorb the hot sauce, then layered this on top of the vegetables.


Such a yummy dinner!  Totally satisfied my buffalo wing craving, and not too shabby for me either!  Lots and lots of veggies and hot sauce is pretty much the best thing I can imagine!  I only made one fajita in a corn tortilla (I like them so much better than flour), and just ate the rest right off of my fajita server, keeping it classy!  I spilled a little (of course) and Rufio enjoyed a few bites too!

DSC02156Guess what?  Not only did I have an amazing dinner last night, but I totally made pancakes again!!  Watch out world, I’m a pancake making machine!  I even experimented and added flax to this batch.  So proud, this is so sad!

What have you made that you either “healthified” or modified while still keeping true to the original recipe?

Anyone know anything about Buffalo?  Niagara Falls?  What should we do?


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  1. thanks for the comment girl! excited to read more ofy our blog 🙂 LOVE franks red hot…. go through those big bottles a little too quickly haha

  2. It’s so funny to see people from other regions with their Frank’s Red Hot. Most people I know in Texas use Cholula. If you ever see it in the store, try it. It’s amazing. I also like Frank’s Red Hot and Tabasco of course, but I have an inclination towards Cholula. I’m drooling thinking about it.

    I’ve never been to Buffalo or Niagara Falls, but Niagara Falls is one of the places on my list to visit once I move to Hoboken. (Next May! AHH!)

    Mexican food is my favorite thing to “healthify”… Tex Mex is all about cheese and cream, so up the veggies, get rid of the flour tortillas and about 90% of the dairy, and swap out the beef for fish, chicken, or just more veggies. It’s so easy to improve Mexican food, not just healthier but in my opinion more flavorful.

    Have a great day!

  3. great idea with the tofu! I have never been to Buffalo, sadly.

    I love making healthier pancakes, waffles, muffins…baked goods are fun to “health” up.

  4. Amazing idea with the tofu! I think you can redo any recipe to satisfy what you like! so proud girl! 🙂


  5. i healthify most baking things (whole wheat flour at the least…)
    i made yummy zucchini bread this year with like half the calories of the normal recipe…

  6. That looks amazing. way to make it healthy and cure that craving for buffalo wings.

  7. I healthified a baked macaroni by using whole wheat pasta, veggies and went very light on the cheese. I also added Pankco bread crumps for crunch.

  8. Tofu + Buffalo sauce is a great idea! I’ll have to give that a try

  9. Yummmmm….what a great meal. I love pumpkin spice seasoning, as well…it’s a must in my pantry..hehe…your tofu dish looks delish!
    Great blog.

  10. you have your own taco seasoning? whoa are you

  11. Morg-
    i just sat down to catch up on your blog and the next time i looked at the clock it was 2 hours later! how does that happen?? anyhow you inspired J to make bbq tofu (&chicken in all honesty) fajitas- they were killer. I loved. way to be creative.

  12. […] Because of this, I’ve really worked on my cooking skills since we have moved here, and I have taught myself a lot.  We decided that instead of heading out, we were going to do a little Chinese food action in our kitchen.  Solomon, of all people, asked if I could make tofu moo shu.  It just shocked me completely, since he had basically never touched tofu until a few weeks ago, and now actually asks for it!  Next up for Solomon is buffalo tofu fajitas! […]

  13. […] these were translucent, I add 1 tbsp. garlic powder, 1 tbsp. cumin, and 1 tbsp. taco seasoning, and let this cook for another minutes, stirring to combine the […]

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