Bacon Chocolate?!

A few weeks ago, Jenna posted about her love for the Lindt A Touch of Sea Salt bar.  I was determined to find this bar, because of my love of sweet and salty.  I had also tried a similar taste combination at Taberna de Haro of dark chocolate, cocoa, sea salt and olive oil, which I thought was quite possibly one of the best desserts I have ever tried, and made me even more determined to find the bar.  Lo and behold, I found it and have been savoring it ever since (so has Solomon, Mr. Doesn’t Like Dark Chocolate!)

A few weeks ago when I was home, I suggested my mom and I pick up a bar.  She thought it might be fun to try something else, so after a little perusing, we settled on 2 bars, one of which was the Lindt Excellence Chili Bar (the other bar, containing Pop Rocks like my favorite Israeli candy hasn’t been opened yet, but we can’t wait to try it!).  I brought both bars home to M’Ville, and decided last night to break into the chili bar, and have a little bite.

DSC02006 I really enjoyed this bar, and thought it was delicious.  While there was a nice hint of chili, this bar didn’t have quite enough kick for me.  I would buy this again, but I think my heart belongs to Vosges Oaxaca Exotic Candy Bar.  In the Lindt bar, the taste of chocolate is more prevalent, while I found with the Vosges bar, the spices prevailed.  The Lindt bar is also slightly sweeter, but does leave a nice spicy flavor in your mouth!  The Lindt bar has less spices (red chili vs. guajillo & pasilla chillies + Tanzanian bittersweet chocolate), but still satisfied!DSC02008 I would certainly buy both of these again, and I think a little square of either is the perfect late night snack when you want something small, and not too sweet.

As for Vosges, something I would NOT buy is the Mo’s Bacon Bar.  I’ve heard about bacon and chocolate, in the form of candy bars, cupcakes and other treats, but had never seen them with my own eyes.  I’m an adventurous eater, but I draw the line here, and not only because I am pescetarianDSC01890 What’s the worst for me is that my nickname is Mo!  EEK!  Has anyone tried a bacon chocolate bar or bacon in another form of sweet?  How was it? I’m strangely curious, though I will never try it!  The milk chocolate and salt won me over, but adding bacon to it scares me!

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?  Dark or milk?  What do you like in your chocolate?

I’ll take dark chocolate any day over milk, and sometimes think simple is best!


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  1. never tried bacon bar, but I would 🙂 sweet +salty is a good combo. I don’t know how much I would like it, though. I’ve actually seen that bar, but I’m not paying $8 for it.

    i love that sea salt chocolate! isn’t it the best?

  2. I’ve had the Mo’s Bacon Bar, and it was good, but I like bacon better with maple-flavored stuff, like pancakes or maple candies.

    As for the chocolate, I love mixing chili & cinnamon into my brownies to give it a kick. The best candy bar, though, is the Touch of Sea Salt. Sea salt is also great with caramel… drooool. As you can tell, I am a girl who loves her sweets. : )

  3. I like the Mo’s Bar, but it’s a little too sweet for me, which overpowers the bacon/salty flavors. My favorite Vosges bar is the one with goji berries and salt.

    p.s. I’m dying to make your pumpkin everything cookies! Are you going to post the recipe?

  4. I have seen that! I would try it- I don’t like bacon, but it sounds too interesting to pass up. I do like bacon with maple syrup 😀

    Chocolate… I like things like brownies or chocolate covered things. Not straight up chocolate.

  5. i like ANYTHING chocolate. i also think chocolate can go with anything. i’ve heard of so many people who love chocolate and bacon because of the combination of flavors! i really enjoy Dark and Milk chocolate equally!

  6. I just don’t think I could do it! Doesn’t look good at all.Ewww 🙂

  7. i liked it! but not as an all-the-time thing 🙂 my husband thought it was the coolest thing ever, though.

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