In less than 24 hours, I went to D.C. and came back.  Exhausting!

Solomon had the opportunity to take a group of students to D.C. for Friday night, and I was able to join them!  We had a long, fun bus ride down, with a lot of Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller.  We watched: Zoolander, Old School and Billy Madison and snacked more than we should.  My challah and almost vegan black bean brownies were both a big hit.  None of the students could believe what was in the brownies, and kept telling me they were the best ever (take that Solomon!).  I also made Pumpkin Everything Cookies which a bunch of the girls dubbed “crack.”  I didn’t even get a picture, but that recipe will be coming eventually.

We got to D.C. late, and though Solomon and I thought we would go out, all we wanted to do was crash in our amazing hotel room at the Doubletree.  We woke up bright and early, hit up Whole Foods for breakfast, and took all of the students to the Holocaust Museum.  This is one of the most moving experiences ever.  Holocaust Museums are always tough, and this was no exception.  I think everyone learned a lot, and took a lot from the experience.

After the museum, Solomon had lunch with some students and I met my friend Becca.  We were freshman roommates, and she was one of my bridesmaids.  After having lunch, we discovered this great outdoor festival, and wandered around for a bit.  It was so good to see her!  Then, Solomon and I headed to the Museum of American History which I love.  I sucked at taking pictures in D.C. but got some of us goofing around at the museum.

My Kennedy inauguration speech

My Kennedy inauguration speech

Solomon loves his Red Sox!

Solomon loves his Red Sox!


Bon Appetit! At Julia Child's kitchen

We always wandered around D.C. and played around a bit.  No, we weren’t some of the Tea Party Protesters, but wow, there were a lot of them, it was kind of insane!

Loving my arm in this one

Loving my arm in this one


I so love D.C. and wish we had more time to play, but can’t wait to go back for a weekend soon to visit Becca!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Also, thank you to Nicci for my award!  I hope to spread the love tomorrow and nominate some wonderful blogs myself!


I gave in and joined Twitter.  Follow me, I think it’s fun!


2 Responses

  1. Aw your time there sounds so amazing! 🙂

    glad you had fun


  2. yay twitter! I’ll be following you now! 🙂
    And DC…ah, I miss my city! (though I was in the sub-urbs)

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