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In the News:

180 lb. model’s nude photo rocks fashion world.  Goodbye scary skinny models, and hello REAL women!
Healthy diet has Gonzalez in shape, ready to shine in Atlanta.  If you put the good stuff into your body, you’ll reap the benefits.  How a pro football player’s vegan-based diet has enhanced his performance.
Don’t wait, get help for insomnia before it’s a habit. Why getting your shuteye is so important, and what you should do if you have trouble sleeping.
Wait…Am I Younger Yet? Foods and tips to help slow down the aging process and keeping you looking and feeling your best!
The Pistachio Principle.  Real approaches to healthy eating!

Round the Blogosphere:

Melinda is giving away some healthy coupons.
-Jessie Hawkins is giving away a Vitamix.
-Megan is giving away some Larabars.
-Fit Bottomed Girls is giving away a copy of Core Fusion: Thighs and Glutes.

Anything else in the news or great giveaways to share??


One Response

  1. I guess they thought the model would look bad…nope That a Real Women w/ curves. l love when articles like that come out. We need more women to be daring!!

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