Aching to Run!

It’s been crizzyazy here!  My life has been out of control all of a sudden, and I can’t get my sorry butt out of bed to run, since I am so drained.  Packing takes a lot out of you!  So today, I thought I would get a midday run in, since I will have some time during my workday.  Mother Nature had other plans…it’s POURING out!  Knowing the way it has been in Boston lately, it probably will stop later, and I can (finally) get my run in.  I really don’t like to run in the rain, I get scared I might fall (Hi Robin!)

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I finally get in a run and get to try out my new running shoes:


Aren’t they just Bea-uuuuu-tiful?  So excited to take these babies for a test ride!  When shopping for my shoes, the wonderful people at Marathon Sports analyzed my running style, and it turns out I have a fairly neutral gate, and a nice arch.  See, I told everyone my feet were perfect!


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  1. Hope you were able to get your run in! BTW: You won my giveaway. Shoot me an e-mail at

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