The Big Move

See that long, squiggly line up there?  That’s the distance we will be moving the in the next few weeks.  Solomon was just offered an amazing job at Allegheny College and we decided it was time to try something new.  Off to Meadville, PA for us!  I am happy, sad, scared, nervous, terrified, and pretty much every other emotion you could imagine.  It’s a huge move for us both mentally and physically, but I think it will be really good for us.

While I am going to miss a ton out here, especially being so close to both of our families, there is a ton I am excited about.  It is beautiful out in Meadville and there are tons of trails and outdoor activities.  I can’t wait to take Rufio hiking!  The farmer’s markets are abundant, and we are finally going to join a CSA, which I am beyond excited about.  The cost of living is really low, so we will be able to buy a house very soon, and have a lot of money left over.  This means we will be traveling a lot more-only 4 hours to Toronto, about 7 to Chicago, close to Buffalo, etc.  I also think we can take some nice big trips, maybe Europe or an island soon.  We are going to be living in a beautiful 2 bed, 2 bath home with a 2 car garage for dirt cheap.  I thin it will be a lovely place.  I am also going to be able to use the gym at Allegheny, which is gorgeous.  It has a pool, so I am finally going to be able to start swimming again, which I am so excited for!  I won’t have to worry about tons of traffic during my runs too!

The pros and cons are endless, but this is the best thing for us.  Solomon starts August 10 and will be moving out the weekend before.  I am going to stay here for now, until I find a job, then make the move.  Scary and exciting!

Have you ever made a big move like this?  How did you cope with it?  What are some of your tips?


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